Embroidered Lawn Dress Designs | Lawn Collection | Seran Clothing
Embroidered Lawn Dress Designs | Lawn Collection | Seran Clothing
A glamorous yet casual affair called Seran! Seran came into our creative creation because there was a huge space in the fashion industry for casual but glamorous dressing. We know that when it comes to fashion visuals are key.

What is Seran:

A glamorous yet casual affair called Seran! Seran came into our creative creation because there was a huge space in the fashion industry for casual but glamorous dressing. We know that when it comes to fashion visuals are key. It’s no wonder, then, that many lovers of style turn to brands that complement their visions and provide comfort. Seran started out small, but with your help we have expanded so much! Our lawn collection sells out in minutes, and while you all keep showering us with love, we take it on us to create even more innovative and elegant new design dresses for all your festive needs!

Fashion In the Present World!

Seran has it all under one hood. The rise of the fashion industry has paved a way for a more creative and fun loving take on fashion, with new designs coming out each year, people always want something new every season. The rise of Instagram and social media has also created a fashion frenzy with everyone wishing for new and highly stylized embroidered lawn, embroidered pret, plain pret, basics, casuals and formals. Keeping all these needs under check, Seran is aware to how to meet these needs

Our Modus Operandi:

Fashion Discovery is a tool that helps you get the best of fashion. Pakistan has a booming fashion industry but not all are aware to cater their clients. Seran steps at this crucial point and ensures its customers can actually get their hands on the most-wanted, most-coveted, and ultra-trendy pieces that everyone wants to wear next season. This is an extremely smart and exciting way to shop, but of course, you’ll need to be confident about what’s going to be “hot” next season. Your next season’s products will be all the talk! Seran believes that embroidered lawn dresses are very attractive and look remarkable. As compared to fancy fabrics like organza, chiffon, as well as others, cotton fabric is quite durable, so the embroidered cotton attires have a long life. They are embroidered using different machine and hand embroidery techniques, with embellishments that make them irresistible. You can style a lightly embroidered cotton or lawn dress for casual wear, whereas a heavily embroidered cotton suit can be worn for a party. You don't also have to be worried about comfort because that is our signature hallmark! Each piece is a signature and relatively new design dress. We work with super talented designers that curate each piece with such care and conviction. We believe in their vision that brings fashion and new trends to life. Our skilled workforce is unrelenting and confident with each dress they make for you. That is why Seran's products are a class apart from the others. You will not find any product or material that is of low quality, instead you will visit us for more. Because our approach to designing beautiful and coordinated sets is different from the rest of the industry. You better believe us on this!

Enjoy The Festivities!

Our fancy embroidered lawn dresses for this Eid were all the hype and a great choice because Eid usually happens during the summer months and lawn and cotton is a great fabric for summer wear. You can get embroidered and embellished fancy cotton and lawn ensembles to style them for Eid or any other occasion of festive nature with matching accessories to look your best. Lawn designs that will make you sparkle and stand out from the rest are just what is the need of the hour! You will love the numerous lawn collection that we have in store for you! The current lawn design dress 2022 edition is a mixture of the optimal designs, gorgeous aesthetics, super lightweight that doesn't weigh you down or become any hassle in styling! Seran's words are as true as our next epic collection! The word is out that Seran is here to serve you with some of the most beautiful looks that you can opt for. There is a reason why everyone flocks to our stores and asks for more. Pakistan is one of the top manufacturers of eastern fashion wear, and we feel immense pride to share the credit! Lawn is derived from cotton and Pakistan specializes not only in production but also in new and eye-catching designs! You can find several varieties and grades of cotton and lawn when it comes to keeping it cool! Get the full glam moment with us and never shy away from catching everyone's eye. Because we know that you are worth it! We know what you want and we have got your back! Life is all about making bold and striking choices that complement your individuality and Seran enhances that! We would love that you shop at Seran and give us your feedback, because we want to be your voice in fashion. Our mantra is just catering to you!