Choose the Right Jewelry According to Different Occasions
Choose the Right Jewelry According to Different Occasions
Choose the Right Jewelry According to Different Occasions

Choose the Right Jewelry According to Different Occasions


Every woman has a lot of jewelry. Do you know to wear different jewelry for different occasions? Next, let's find out together.


Workplace, commuting, going out

This kind of occasion is recommended to choose some more simple and show a sense of senior jewelry better.

Watch: enhance the sense of sharpness and fashion, and a sense of professionalism.

Small earrings: show exquisite, simple and fashionable.

Simple necklace: enhance the simple and fashionable woman's sense of sophistication.

Silver brooch: highlighting the senior taste and breaking the dullness.


Dating, party, party scene

General party and evening occasions: show off your feminine charm to your heart's content.

Necklace with delicate and advanced design: enhance the femininity and fashionable sense, simple models do not eat!

Regular style earrings: do not choose too exaggerated earrings, after all, and the necklace is very close, easy to look dazzling.

The same series of bracelets: choose and earrings or necklace of the same series.


Casual, home

Daily with more minimalist models and casual models designed jewelry, comfortable occasions, try to wear regular on.

No need to wear too fancy jewelry, the main focus on simplicity


Of course, in the necessary important occasions, you can choose traditional gold jewelry, or you can choose limited edition jewelry, or special custom jewelry. A woman's own perception of taste will influence her choice, and the jewelry chosen in turn often shows her taste and attitude to life.


Wolfers, the Belgian royal family's collectible art jewelry brand, believes that there are hundreds of jewelry design styles, each with its own characteristics. But the ultimate expression is the connection between people and jewelry, resonating with their wear and thoughts. This connection is completely your own individual, to meet your personal needs, feelings and experiences, without the need for a third person to present. You have this jewelry, and she has the same one, for different people to wear out is different. Man is the art of nature, and jewelry should be in harmony with it. Therefore, Wolfers insists: every piece of jewelry must first become a work of art before it becomes jewelry.


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