Beautiful Jewelry Charm Forever
Beautiful Jewelry Charm Forever
Beautiful Jewelry Charm Forever


Jewelry charm forever, for women, the charm of jewelry is irresistible, but also anything can not be replaced. Jewelry not only has a beautiful appearance, but also embodies the memory of The Times. Buying and wearing jewelry is a beautiful thing. What you wear is not only a piece of jewelry, but also a period of past and history.


Coral jewelry

In the Mediterranean, coral is not only a precious jewelry, it also symbolizes good luck, coral jewelry can make people rise, happiness and peace. Vicenza in 2017 jewels in the museum exhibition once showed a national characteristics is very rich, it is made from the 19th century, was created in Algeria kcal layer region, at a time when there are a lot of the locals would buy expensive coral jewelry, people believe that wearing a coral jewelry can get good luck, will also be able to pray for divine protection.


Cartier's exquisite Arc de Triomphe brooch

In 2019, Symbol area have been showing a beautiful brooch, it is by the Cartier well-known designers, and it also has a unique meaning, it is said that designers are inspired from the first world war, is also the first world war to commemorate the victory, with strong national feelings.


And its value is higher, the gold, platinum, and all sorts of color of design of diamond and gem foil, the overall shape of the design into the shape of the arc DE triomphe, the arc DE triomphe is very meaningful for the French people, a brooch on the blue gem design into a curved, it represents the first time in 1919 after world war, A helmet worn by soldiers during street parades.


Queen Maria of Serbia's tiara

This tiara is also very striking. It was made in 1884 and was the tiara of Queen Maria of Serbia. It has a strong German style. The base of the crown is made of gold and silver, its surface is set with hundreds of diamonds, the diamonds are matched with seven round imitation emeralds, the white and green look is very eye-catching.


The tiara originally belonged to a Russian grand duchess, but was later bought by the Romanian royal family before being sold in an exhibition. The seven high-quality stones set in the crown jewels were also disassembled and resold to wealthy local merchants. Although it is the Queen's crown, the emerald on it is green glass.


Every piece of jewelry has a legendary story behind it. If you are interested in wholesale jewelry sold by the kilogram, it is better to find out through Jewelrykg.

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