Am I Raising A BULLY?! 5 Signs To Watch Out For & What You Can Do
Am I Raising A BULLY?! 5 Signs To Watch Out For & What You Can Do
?It has to be one of the hardest things for a parent to hear that their child is being bullied. But can you imagine YOUR child doing the bullying? It's a tough pill to swallow, but some children bully; plain and simple. But we can help to prevent it in the future. Think your child might be a bully? Here are 5 signs to watch out for. ?????

First And Foremost...

??We must keep in mind that bullying isn't always stealing lunch money and name-calling. Additionally, your kids don't need to like everyone and can just not want to be around a certain child. Bullying is simply being mean to another person (in this case, child) over and over again. And often the reason bullying progresses is because it is done in ways that most adults don't see or might pass off at the time. So be aware of...?
Am I Raising A BULLY?! 5 Signs To Watch Out For & What You Can Do

1. Teasing ?

Check in with your child about the other kids they see in class and at school in general. Notice if there is any mention of someone's negative qualities. Ask why they or other kids point those qualities out. Ask if anyone says things like that about them. And then, ask them about...

2. Talking About Hurting Someone ?

When a child talks about hurting themselves or someone else, they should always be taken seriously and addressed. It is also important to come from a place of understanding rather than judgement, so your child doesn't feel punished for their feelings and thoughts. Especially if they stem from...

3. Spreading Rumors ?

Kids talk. A lot. About anything and everything that will get them attention. Usually it's a wonderful way to express themselves, other times they find creative ways to be mean to others. Talk to your child about just how harmful rumors can be and how hard it is to undo them. Because they could lead to...

4. Leaving Kids Out On Purpose ?‍♀️

When children are noticeably excluded, it can be damaging to their self-esteem, self-expression, and overall mental health. They can develop feelings of loneliness and depression. Once it becomes a habit, it can also lead to the child removing themselves before they can be rejected. Ask your child if they ever make sure to leave someone out over and over again and why. And above all, watch out for...

5. Verbal & Physical Violence ?‍♀️

It goes without saying that yelling and hitting are what we expect when we think of bullying, but the truth is it starts long before getting to this point. All the same, once you notice your child getting angry enough to yell and hit, it is important to figure out the root of the problem by back-tracking through the other four signs and asking the right questions. The biggest question, of course, being...
Am I Raising A BULLY?! 5 Signs To Watch Out For & What You Can Do

Why?! ?‍♀️

There are multiple reasons why children being bullying. Sometimes, it's to copy friends and win their approval. It may be a way for children to fit in with their peers if they go along with making fun or spreading rumors about someone else. And often times, it's because that child was a victim of bullying themselves. The expression "hurt people hurt people" applies to the youngest of us as well. And now for the second biggest question...

What Can I Do? ?‍♀️

Get involved! It may sound simple, but being an active part of your child's school, after-school, sport, or play activities makes it easy to know who your child is and isn't making friends with. Ask your child's principle about volunteering for certain days or events. Make an effort to learn the names of your child's classmates. And remind your child to always treat others with respect, because no one likes it when others are mean.

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