4 Ways to Style Your Engagement Ring
4 Ways to Style Your Engagement Ring
Your halo engagement ring can become a quick staple when you want to adapt your current collection to complement it best. Not only do you want to start with a high-quality ring to take center stage, but there are additions like other rings or bracelets that can help accentuate your engagement ring while letting you try new combinations and styles.

Your engagement ring should be a focal point of your fine jewelry layering, and there are ways you can help it stand out the way it deserves. Not only do you want to start with a gorgeous, high-quality ring, but you also want to add earrings, necklaces, or bracelets that are durable and handcrafted to perfection for an eye-catching display that complements your main ring. When you’re ready to start or grow your fine jewelry collection, try keeping these tips in mind to let you confidently mix and match your pieces with ease.
Start with a High-Quality Engagement Ring
First and foremost, you’re going to want to make sure that your engagement ring is beautifully handcrafted to take center stage. Seek out a classic round halo engagement ring that features ethically sourced diamonds and high-quality metals like 14K and 18K gold or top-tier quality platinum for a piece that’s durable and forever-lasting. The designs should be expertly handcrafted to perfection as the ring is a symbol of love and will act as the anchor to your fine jewelry styling efforts.
Pair It with Other Rings
Another way to accentuate your halo engagement ring is by balancing your hand with other beautiful rings. Add a design with a single line of classic round diamonds that wrap your finger with a rippling effect for a luminous finish that can capture attention while also supporting your focal point ring. Or try a tapering band with a double micropavé setting that lines the ring for a style that’s easy to stack as you layer rings on both hands while creating space around your halo engagement ring for additional emphasis. Be sure the direct-to-consumer brand you select offers transparent pricing, working within your budget while maintaining designer quality without the designer markups.
Add Earrings, Necklaces, and Bracelets as Needed 
Accent your main ring with necklaces and earrings that match or contrast both your look and ring. You might add a tennis bracelet in a matching metal color like yellow or rose to guide one’s gaze or balance the look with small hoop earrings or a single diamond necklace. While your engagement ring can always stand on its own, it can be nice to add other handcrafted layers for a complete display that connects, whether that be through similar colors, cuts, or shapes.
Make All of Your Pieces Custom and Forever-Lasting
You deserve custom jewelry options that give you control over the total carat weight of the diamonds or metal color for your engagement ring and accent pieces to ensure your design preferences are met. Seek out a fine jewelry brand that follows international labor laws, offers detailed 3D online viewing, and features a program for trying replicas on from the comfort of your home to ensure your desired piece fits and flatters just as you imagined it.
About Verlas 
As a leading brand in the fine jewelry industry, Verlas offers a diverse collection of high-quality pieces that are always gorgeous and forever-lasting. The company was founded by Nidhi S. Dangayach and Nityani Riziya and is led by a team of female Master Artisans who carefully handcraft the collection at Verlas Studios while abiding by international labor laws. Throughout Verlas’s designs, you’ll find ethically sourced diamonds, 14K and 18K gold, and top-tier platinum. They also offer a range of custom options that make it easy for you to select everything from the metal color to the total carat weight of the diamonds. You can feel confident in their fine jewelry as each one is handcrafted to perfection, and many can be tried on from the comfort of your home with their Try-at-Home program to ensure the piece fits and flatters.
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