4 Gifts for the Sneakerhead in Your Life
4 Gifts for the Sneakerhead in Your Life
Are you unsure what to get the sneakerhead in your life for the holidays? Shoes are probably a safe bet. But what kind? Retro shoes and workout shoes for men and women are entirely different. Once you separate shoes into different categories, you can figure out what to give your sneakerhead. Here are the four types of shoes they might want to get as a holiday gift.

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Is that all sneakerheads want for the holidays? Probably. The big question is what kind of shoes? It may seem like an impossible task, but you can find the right gift for a sneakerhead to pair with their retro 90s windbreakers. You just have to break the types of shoes down into categories and decide what kind of sneakers they need. Have they worn down the daily beaters? Do they love pride shoes that send a message? Here are the four styles of shoes to give a sneakerhead this holiday season.

Retro Shoes

Fans of sneakers are bound to have a keen interest in sneaker history. Shoes designed in the 80s and 90s are still popular today, especially in sneaker culture. These shoes are timeless for a reason. Retro shoes are still in production because of bold style choices and unique silhouettes that no other shoes have. You can purchase retro shoes from resellers who bought them originally, but many companies like Reebok, for example, are reissuing their classic designs. This allows you to gift a shoe from the 90s at a retail price. Every sneakerhead has their classic “grail” sneaker; why not help them out?

Statement-Making Shoes

To sneakerheads, shoes are more than just a style choice—they send a message. Shoes can be so much more than an accessory to your outfit, as the right pair can tell a story and share a belief. Take pride shoes, for example. They might look like simple rainbow shoes, but they represent a movement. Wearing these is a way to support pride and tell the world where you stand. Shoes can support many different ideas and beliefs. If you know the sneakerhead in your life, you probably know what they stand for. Get them a shoe that can help them tell the world.

All-Purpose Shoes

Everybody has a pair of shoes they wear almost daily. To a sneakerhead, these shoes aren’t just convenient—they must be comfortable, stylish and work with different outfits. Shoe collectors wear their collection for specific occasions. They need all-purpose shoes that they can wear while running errands or doing yard work. Look for something easy to slip on and durable enough to handle the daily grind. Women’s and mens walking shoes work perfectly as an all-purpose gift.

Practical Shoes

Is your recipient into fitness or physical activities? Workout shoes for men and women, basketball shoes and training shoes are all built for a specific purpose. In addition, because of repetitive use, these types of shoes wear out quickly. So, even if they already have a pair, a backup will be a great gift. Sooner or later, they will need a new pair and you will have solved that problem for them.

Buying gifts for sneakerheads doesn’t need to be a challenge. Once you break down their shoes into categories, you can see what they like. Use these categories to get them a gift they will be stoked about.

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