How to Make Jewelry Elegant and High-level
How to Make Jewelry Elegant and High-level
How to Make Jewelry Elegant and High-level

How to Make Jewelry Elegant and High-level

A beautiful piece of jewelry, want to shoot its beauty is not easy. Many photographers make elaborate shots of jewelry to get the best results. Of course, we can take pictures of our own jewelry.

How to take photos of jewelry in order to be low-key, luxurious and high-level? Master these tips.


Adequate and appropriate light

To make jewelry shine, it's important to have adequate and even lighting with appropriate direct light sources, which can be used to give jewelry a shine BUFF. However, you should also be careful to avoid the problem of excessive light ratio: too much direct light is too bright, it is easy to overexpose the highlights on the jewelry, making the shadows appear heavy, and difficult to shoot delicate texture.


When faced with this problem, professional photographers can try using warm-toned paper to neutralize the color temperature difference between the flash and the indoor light to create consistency in the light in the picture.


Simple clean background

Choose an anacreontic, clean metope to do the background is very good, combine the color of metope and light can better highlight the character, if the background in the home is messy, you can also try the curtain of solid color.


Simple and elegant clothing styling

According to the color of jewelry to choose the appropriate clothing style, the main principle is simple and generous, low-key and elegant, so that you can inadvertently let your jewelry accessories send out charm!


Bonus points for scheming

If the shooting space is small and there is no deep feeling of the scene, you can use some small props such as flowers and mirrors as the foreground to improve the picture level. But be careful not to get too complicated.


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