Download alexa app for pc | Alexa for windows 10
Download alexa app for pc | Alexa for windows 10
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Download alexa app for pc

If Amazon Alexa for PC works perfectly fine at first and then suddenly stopped working in your Windows 10 PC, try to kill the app and launch it again.

You can execute the application by right-clicking your taskbar, at that point select Task Manager. Find Download Alexa app for pc from the rundown of procedures. Right-click it and select End task. At that point, open Amazon Alexa for PC once more. 

In the event that that doesn't help, attempt to restart your PC and dispatch Alexa for windows 10 once more. 


One basic motivation behind why Alexa doesn't comprehend or react to you is that there might be issue with your amplifier. Check your amplifier and check whether it's working appropriately. 

You might need to have a go at expanding the amplifier level and attempt to talk stronger when approaching inquiries in Amazon Alexa for PC in Windows 10 

On the other hand, you can go to Settings, at that point Voice preparing in the Amazon Alexa for PC application. You'll at that point be approached to express 25 chose expressions to help Alexa get familiar with your slang and method of talking.