A novel jewelry blind box experience - wholesale jewelry for as little as $22 a kilogram
A novel jewelry blind box experience - wholesale jewelry for as little as $22 a kilogram
Have you ever had trouble choosing too many styles of jewelry or been a jewelry user who enjoyed "little surprises"? Why not try a jewelry blind box?

As we all know, jewelry can often become the finishing touch of a set of outfit. For people who love to dress themselves up, no amount of jewelry is often not enough. However, many times when we browse shopping websites extensively in order to select jewelry, we will be cross-examined by the large number of goods.

To me personally, in one page flipping through the process of shopping website, a large number of repeat goods and corny shopping experience often let me feel very be agitated, until I discovered a new way of shopping - open blind box, this saves me from the boredom of selection and makes me feel excited like receiving gifts before I open the packaging. The goods in the blind box can also bring me unexpected surprises.

Later,I found that this kind of shopping also applies to jewelry, thats the jewelry wholesale,which is more cost-effective than jewelry retail.

Jewelry wholesale -- a new mode of jewelry retail

What is jewelry wholesale?

First of all, wholesale does not mean that these goods are cheap. It is a sales method that lowers the price due to the increase in sales volume. This sales method is very popular in China.

Now, wholesale does not only apply to the purchase of merchants as before,we can also buy jewelry in small quantities at the discount price that merchants can obtain only by buying in large quantities, you can even buy dozens of pieces of jewelry for the price of one item at a retail store.

Jewelry can also be sold by the kilogram?

Yes, a very common way to sell in wholesale is to weigh the price.

In Yiwu, China, a city famous for the production of small commodities, many toysbed products and clothes are selected by buyers, then weighed them and unified calculation of the price.

This method is now applied to jewelry as well, and once you really try it, you will love the feeling of buying jewelry this way!

High cost performance

On average, a kilo will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry, but the price is not prohibitive. Imagine the joy of spending the price of one piece of jewelry and getting a whole bag of jewelry. It's very addictive for me.

Catering to fashion trends

For me so fickle people,I hope I always look different tomorrow than I do today, contact the jewelry wholesale, I almost every day can be found in my treasure with my different styles of jewelry, I can even pick at random from this pile of jewelry to determine what I'm wearing today, it brings me a lot of fun when Im dressing up.

Full of fun

It is worth mentioning that if you choose wholesale the jewelry on line as I do, after you select the type (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.)of the jewelry ,merchants will randomly drop hot products into your packages, just like a blind box, before open the parcel, you don't know what kind of surprises are waiting for you there, in fact, there are often more good things than you think.

If you are an influencer, you can also record the process of opening the blind box of jewelry on video, which is a great catch on many platform.

My experiences and suggestions

After learning about this new way of buying, I visited many online stores, but the stores recommended by Google were not satisfactory. The products I bought were either very poor quality or the style was not my type. Later, I searched on Quora and Reddit and found the online store Wholesale Jewelry Kg.I really want to recommend it to you.

It has the following advantages:

Cost effective

The wholesale price of jewelry on this site is $22 a kilogram, which is a good price even compared to other online wholesale jewelry stores

Good quality 

After receiving the goods, I was surprised to find that although the price was low, each item was individually packed in a sealed bag, which prevented rust and oxidation and was also easy to store. It's a far cry from the second-hand bulk jewelry we commonly found on the market.

Has a variety of sorts

If you log in to their official website of jewelry wholesale, you will find that the product line of the website is very rich, including necklaceearringschockerkey chain and so on. You can choose one kind of jewelryindependently, or you can ask for multiple kinds be packed together and enjoy unpacking them at once.


Although you can't specify the style, the site also thoughtfully sets up a retail channel ,so that you can buy the product you want separately.


There are also inevitable downsides. Consider:

Randomly matching styles (but that's part of the fun)

Simple packaging (in order to properly reduce the cost, wholesale jewelry will not have very elegant packaging, but enough for self-use)

There may be duplicate styles (this does not happen often)


So that's my new interest and my experience about wholesale jewelry. Buy yourself a surprise of unknown!