A Guide to Men’s Loafers and How to Wear Them
A Guide to Men’s Loafers and How to Wear Them
Loafers are the best option for lace-averse men and those who need to get out the door quickly. This versatile type of shoe is easy to slip on and off as you go. In order to boost your shoe game, here is the complete guide to the men's loafers you never knew you wanted. There are three major loafer styles for men: penny, tassel, and slipper. What makes them distinctive is their embellishments, ranging from signature tassels, stitching accents, bow details, braided straps, or a metal horse bit.

A common myth is that loafers can be called driving moccasins and vice versa. Although, both looks similar in design, but they are actually different. Loafers, with their signature low heel profile, exude semi-formal looks. In addition, loafers are constructed with leather outsoles. On the contrary, moccasins are rendered with rubber outsoles for maximum grip and flexibility. Moccasins are mainly used with
casual ensembles. When putting on a pair of loafers, remember this fashion rule of thumb: "don’t wear socks."

Penny Loafers
The most outdated yet versatile loafer shoes for men is familiar with its classic strap in a lip-shaped cut which is placed across the vamp. Since penny loafers offer versatility, you can easily pair them up with an array of formal ensembles to attend your format meetings and business casual events.

Tassel Loafers
If you want to add a flavor of elegance to your ensemble, a luxurious pair of calf leather loafers with stylish tassel detailing hanging from the end of the vamp would be the ideal choice. The decorative signature tassels are usually made with premium leather to add an oomph factor to your look. You can opt for burnished tassel loafers and pair them with a white Oxford shirt and beige-colored pants. Hit your moonlit occasions by pairing suede or velvet tassel loafers with a black suit. Tassel loafers offer slightly dressier options that are appropriate for intimate gatherings, dinner dates, and social celebrations.

Slipper Loafers
They are not your typical slippers for the beach. This type of loafer can easily be classified as a separate category. They are dressy and appropriate for black-tie events. In addition, you can also opt for leather slipper loafers with minimalistic embellishments for your running errands and relaxed weekend brunches. Glatt finest range of men slip-on shoes can be your everyday option in the springtime. The best thing about these slippers is that you can easily personalize them with engravings or crests, making them truly unique. For any formal occasion, a pair of classic velvet slippers can be worn with socks, especially if your pants end below your ankles. Otherwise, exclude the socks and show off your custom-made shoes instead for a head-turning effect.