9 ideas for great personalized gifts
9 ideas for great personalized gifts
Are you looking for a good Birthday gift? Then we got you covered. In this article, we share 9 great personalized birthday gift ideas.

9 ideas for great personalized gifts

Sweets, fancy soap, and a candle. What do these things have in common? That’s right, those are gifts you give someone when you don’t know what to get them. Even though they are great things that are practical and can be used and appreciated, sometimes it is nice to get someone you love something more special. And personalized gifts are perfect for that. Here are 9 things you can personalize and surprise your upcoming birthday boy or girl!

1. Custom made a t-shirt with a sweet message

You know your friend the best – what does he or she likes? You can create a design with her favorite saying or a quote from an idol she admires. Or you can use no words at all, but have a designer create an original design. It can be, for example, a design of her hobbies. You can also print a picture from the holidays on a t-shirt.

Another idea is to write something cute about the person on the t-shirt, for example, “amazing cook”. You can accompany that with a small design as well. If she has a good sense of humor, you can print a joke she would understand. It can also be just one world, for example, “women” or “smile” – minimalism is in style nowadays! Be creative! Get inspired on the internet but don’t copy an idea without adjusting it, that will make it less original and a custom-made t-shirt will lose its point.

2. Hoodie – a great personalized gift for those who are always cold

You can print similar ideas on a hoodie as discussed before on a t-shirt. However, with a hoodie, you can print different elements of the clothing, for example, the hood or the sleeve, not just the front and back. That adds another dimension of fun things you can do! For example, print the word “love” on the left sleeve. Or print cat ears on the hood. The options are limitless!

3. Canvas or poster – for those who love design and art

This is a perfect personalized gift for those who like to decorate their home and who appreciate art. They can even be artists themselves. You can, for example, surprise a designer by printing his or her design on canvas or poster and gifting it to them. Or if your friend is a photographer, you can print one of his photos. Guaranteed it will be a hit gift.

4. Wallpaper – for a friend who likes to experiment at home

If you have a friend who is always redoing his or her house, a stick and peel wallpaper might be a fun and unexpected gift. And not just any wallpaper – custom-made to fit your friend’s taste! You can work with a designer to create a print they would like or if you are artsy yourself create the design on your own. You can gain inspiration from your friend's hobbies, work, and things he or she likes.

5. Tote bag – for the one who cares about the environment

Tote bags are amazing. They are not just for people who actively care about the environment, nowadays it is popular to use a tote bag as a bag from time to time. So, if you know a friend who always has a tote bag with them or who doesn’t use plastic bags at all, a new tote bag might be a great gift! You can custom print a fun message or a cute design on it and make a personalized gift. It will be a practical, as well as a stylish present.

6. Pillow – for the one who likes to decorate

Decorative pillows are a great gift. They don’t ask for a big commitment, but if the person likes it, he or she will get a lot of use out of it. You can get custom-made printed pillows with whatever text or design you want them, as well as you can order embroidered pillows with a custom design. You can also get a fun and weird one with just your friend's (or yours!) face printed on the pillow. It won’t be for everyone but if your friend has a good sense of humor and appreciated non-standard design elements, he or she will love it and get a good laugh out of it.

7. Pendant – an elegant touch

Personalized jewelry is a very cute and special gift. You can give it to your best friend, girlfriend or daughter. The personalized pendant can have the person’s name or initials engraved. A pendant can be worn around the neck or added to a bracelet. You can also get a laser-cut name pendant – it can be your friend’s name or any other word, for example, “love” or “bunny”. You can also buy a pendant with a symbol you like and engrave it on the back. It won’t be visible all the time, but the person who has it will know it, and that is sometimes enough.

And, don’t worry, you don’t need to necessarily buy the pendant made from precious metals, nowadays, there are plenty of options of cheaper materials that will still look good and serve a long time!

8. Puzzle – for game nights at home

Of course, you can always buy a non-personalized puzzle and it will be a good gift for someone who loves to put together those little pieces. But it is so much more fun and special to get them a personalized puzzle! It can be of a place you have visited together, something that holds a specials place in their heart, or even an inside joke. The personalized puzzle can have any number of pieces so it can be suitable for children as well as grownups. It is a good gift for weddings or special celebrations.

9. Phone case – for those who like to dress their phone appropriately

Nowadays it is also possible to personalize a phone case. Starting from simple word customization, for example, adding the person’s name to the case and ending with full custom-made designs. This will be a wonderful gift for teenagers and everyone else who loves their phone and enjoys putting it in different cases.

In conclusion

Personalized gifts that are custom-made will always feel personal and leave a “wow” effect. We all love to have something unique, something that is made just for us. And it is nice to give someone you love that heart-warming feeling that they are special. And a personalized gift can be just the vehicle to conduct this message.