Tips & Tricks For RRB Group D Exam
Tips & Tricks For RRB Group D Exam
To perform well in the exam, candidates studying for the RRB Group D CBT must carefully read the preparatory advice. Every year, people submit applications for the Railway RRB Group D exam, which requires careful preparation in order to be considered for employment with Indian Railway. Although it may seem challenging to pass, applicants who use the provided study guides and preparation advice will have no trouble passing the test.

Tips & Tricks For RRB Group D Exam


Examining the RRB Group D test pattern and syllabus should be your initial step. If not, you won't be able to make a good plan on how to organise your preparation.


The CBT is divided into the following four sections:

  1. Mathematics

  2. General Intelligence and Reasoning

  3. General Science

  4. General Awareness and Current Affairs

Let us now look into the RRB Group D Preparation for each of these sections.



The candidate must have a strong grasp of high school mathematics in order to succeed in the RRB Group D tests. Spend the final few days before the test doing the following for this section:

1. To get you started, pick simple topics like LCM, HCF, average, percentage, profit and loss, simple and compound interest, etc. that just require the use of formulas or straightforward calculations. Refresh your memory of the formulas and make sure you have access to all of them.

2. Solve a few RRB Group D Sectional Tests from each of these topics to ensure you have mastered the application of formulas. You will get a Free RRB Group D Sectional Test at Testwale for the preparation. 

3. Next, go on to the more challenging subjects that require a critical mindset, such as Simplification, Time and Work, Time, Distance, and Speed, Boats and Streams, Pipes and Cisterns, etc. Refresh your knowledge of the theory underlying these subjects and complete as many practice problems as you can.

General Intelligence and Reasoning

  1. Candidates must choose both significant and less significant themes.

  2. Consolidate reasoning abilities by completing problems

  3. To achieve high marks, consistently practise this part.

  4. Concentrate on revision because it will help applicants identify their weak points.

  5. Candidates should take RRB Group D Mock Tests at Testwale as they provide it for free. 

General Awareness and Current Affairs

  1. The general knowledge skills of the candidate are evaluated in this part. 

  2. The majority of questions in this part deal with current events in science, technology, sports, culture, personalities, economics, and politics, among other themes. 

  3. Candidates should keep themselves updated on current affairs. 

  4. For this, read the newspaper and watch daily current events films. Make a note of key points and review them frequently.

  5. You should practice RRB Group D Quizzes at Testwale to be quickly and answerable in this section. 


General Science

Candidates might review the topics from their high school textbooks. Review all the essential Science chapters. Here are a few general science preparation suggestions:


  1. Make a note of the crucial subjects to study the fundamentals of each subject

  2. Rather than cramming, try to comprehend the concepts.

  3. Set aside time to revise the chapters.

  4. Use RRB Group D Previous Year Question Papers to solve the problems. You will get it on Testwale free of cost. 


Hope this article will help you to practice for the RRB Group D Exam. All the best to those who are going to appear for the examination.