Read it once if you're studying for the SSC CHSL exam!
Read it once if you're studying for the SSC CHSL exam!
Don't study too much in the last few days: You must have a clear head to perform well in the exam. During the next few days, don't study too much.
For Reference
Let me recommend some low-cost resources for revising the entire syllabus:
1. Take the Mock Test Series: To prepare for the test, take the Online SSC CHSL Mock Test Series.
2. Practise Quizzes: You must practise quizzes in order to answer fast throughout the exam.

Do you require assistance in passing the SSC CHSL exams?

Here are some exam preparation ideas for the SSC CHSL :

Stick to the section sequence you selected before you enter the room: for practice tests. Nothing has been altered. Start with the easier ones to gain confidence. Your confidence will carry you forward throughout the course of the 60 minutes.

Save the most difficult and time-consuming questions at the end of each segment.: Start with the easiest ones in each category to gain confidence.

Set a time limit for yourself: say 60-75 seconds, and if any question takes longer than that, skip it and come back later. Keep in mind that each question in each section is given the same weightage. As a result, don't focus solely on one question.

Avoid making blind guesses: Given the existence of negative marking, be careful about marking an option without knowing the correct answer. Blind guesses are not acceptable, but smart guesses (or forecasts after eliminating 2-3 incorrect choices) are.