With the rising concerns about the rising pollution levels and the impact it is having upon our ecosystem and environment, Governments all over the world are collaborating over various platforms to ensure that a common and agreed framework can be adopted for a sustainable environment.


One of the most basic ways that most countries adopt, including India, is the regulation of polluting industries. One organisation that is relevant in this domain is DPCC, i.e, Delhi Pollution Control Committee. Under the guidance of the Central pollution control board, DPCC was founded in 1991 by the Delhi Government. It lays down the procedures for granting the NOC certifications and if you are looking for assistance regarding the DPCC Online Application and a firm that can manage the certifications procedure smoothly for you, then Green Genra is the name that you can trust.


There are two main consent permissions that the industry requires - Consent to Establish(CTE) and Consent to Operate(CTO). Consent to establish finds its genesis in the Water act 1974 and Air Act 1981. It is required to be obtained before the establishment of the industrial setup and on the grant of this particular consent, you get a green signal to go ahead and start building the industrial setup. Before starting a company, you must receive CTE from the appropriate State Pollution Control Board, in this example, the DPCC. The procedure begins with the submission of an application in the prescribed format, together with the requisite papers and fees, and is followed by an inspection. Consent to operate NOC is obtained to operate your business and it is the second NOC that needs to be obtained. It means it needs to be obtained by the enterprise once CTO NOC has been received. The method entails filing the appropriate application in the approved format, together with the required papers and fees, followed by examination and the issuance of a CTO.


These NOC rules are not applicable uniformly across all the industries and for that purpose the industries are classified in various categories based upon their polluting potential - how much potential does industry have to pollute the environment. The Delhi Pollution Control Committee divides industries into four groups. These categories are namely - Red, Orange, green and White.

The maximum number of industries are under the Orange category, followed by White, Green and Red.


The procedure followed by green Genra is simple and user friendly. In the first step, you just need to fill up a form provided by us with the basic and other relevant details as required by DPCC for the purpose, in the next step you need to send over the documents to us and with the help of those documents we will fill up the DPCC form and send it over to the authorities, here we would like to compel on the fact that we use the most secure file sharing systems so that the aspects of privacy and security are always taken care of, in the next step we will follow up with the authorities regarding the application and once the NOC is generated we will dispatch it to you over mail or other formats as required.


We have tried to make the process as seamless as possible so that once you have given the baton to us, you should not be thinking about the legalities and other processes involved, in case you have further queries, feel free to reach out to us any time.