Why Should I Become A Pilot?
Why Should I Become A Pilot?
We all know that pilots make the best people in the world, but perhaps you aren't sure if you want to put your time and money into such an unusual profession.

If you are about to join the workforce or want to change your career, you might be wondering if joining a Flying School is right for you or not?  Flying planes sound fun, right? We all know that pilots make the best people in the world, but perhaps you aren't sure if you want to put your time and money into such an unusual profession. COVID-19 made a significant impact on aviation employment rates.

We have good news. The aviation industry is alive and well, and now is the best time to learn how to fly. We'll show you five reasons why becoming a pilot is such a smart career choice, even after 2021.

You'll Have A Job For Life

Many industries will see radical changes as technology advances, and many jobs will become obsolete. Digital disruption is imminent in healthcare, law, real property, and transport. AI can replace certain functions that humans currently perform.

Although fully autonomous planes are definitely possible, it is unlikely that they will fly without human pilots in the near future. There are too many risks and the weather is unpredictable. Most passengers would not feel safe flying without an experienced professional.

Research The Available Flying School Options In Australia


It is important to find out which pilot training programs are available in your country, and which ones are most appropriate for you. Here is where it is important to consider your aviation goals. Are you looking to get a Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License? Do you want to work for an airline? Curtis Aviation might be the right place for you. Are you aiming to earn a college degree while working at Curtis Aviation? Do you envision yourself in the military, especially the Air Force?

Choose The Best Flight School


Once you have determined the type of license that you want, it is time to decide which flight school will be most affordable for you.

How much does pilot training cost?

You should be aware that piloting requires a budget. The cost of flight training depends on where you are training and the flight school you choose.

There are over 100 pilot schools in Australia that you can choose from if you want to fly within the country. Register with Curtis Aviation to access a complete list of Australian Flying School. The flight school directory contains information about all active flight schools in Australia, including their background, current pilot training courses, fleet details, what they can provide, and other information.

There are many popular places to fly if you want to study abroad. Important: After your training, you will need to convert your license to the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Another option is to enroll in an airline pilot program, as mentioned above. After you have completed your pilot training, the airline will hire you.


Consider your Career Options


A lot of pilots who are interested have a career plan they'd like to follow however, others don't. Here's the list of possibilities for what you can achieve with a pilot's license.

  • Pilots for airlines that are large as well as smaller ones

  • Pilots for business or corporate aviation

  • Cargo pilot

  • Charter / Air taxi pilot

  • Flight instructor

  • Medical/Air ambulance pilots

  • Pilots for agriculture and many other possibilities