Which is Better for You: MBA or PGDM?
Which is Better for You: MBA or PGDM?
If you’re a student, deciding on a career path for your future is never an easy process. Moreover, being a student and lacking information about different industries makes the process even more challenging.

What’s Better for You: MBA or PGDM?

Colleges and career choices are very important decisions because they will be deciding your future in this big world. People from India always want a fulfilling career path and MBAs are among the most favored career paths.

These days, there is an equivalent course known as PGDM gaining rapid popularity lately. Its growing popularity as well appears to be making PGDM a preferred career choice for students in India. Both courses aim to impart knowledge about leadership and management positions, as well as their significance.

These programs have some very important academic differences, but they are both ideals for good placements. In this article, you’ll learn the differences between PGDM and MBA and determine what’s right for you.

The difference between an MBA and PGDM — A brief introduction

Graduates can earn their Masters in Business Administration from over a thousand universities worldwide. With over 4,000 colleges offering MBA courses, it is a very lucrative career choice to lead to much higher salaries.

The curriculum of this course changes every five to ten years, and many well-regarded institutes offer it in various specializations. For postgraduates, the program in PGDM is also provided by several business schools in Delhi.

PGDM degrees are very similar to MBA programs and can be taken part-time or online. Both state and national universities offer PGDM courses, and PGDM features a very similar curriculum as an MBA. However, PGDM takes more of an academic approach than an MBA.

Which is better for the career? MBA or PGDM

As you now know the macro differences between a PGDM and an MBA, your consideration should be to determine all the admission requirements to determine which one is best for you. Also, don’t forget to research the reputation of PGDM colleges in Noida.

A recruiter doesn’t want to overlook several factors when deciding whether to pursue the MBA or Postgraduate Diploma in Management. With this in mind, here are a few that may be helpful to you as you evaluate your potential career options:

Career Goals

Postgraduates who hold a PGDM can choose career opportunities such as Project Manager, Data Scientist, Consultant, and so forth. Meanwhile, MBA graduates hold careers like Sales Manager or Business Analyst.

Your career goals and interests will depend upon whether you MBA or PGDM. Therefore, make sure you research both courses thoroughly before making your choice.

Based on the budget

There are significant differences in the admission fees for both courses. Therefore, you should decide on a particular course keeping your financial capability in mind. This will ensure that you complete your post-graduation without any difficulties.

College Ranking

The reputation of the university you choose can greatly influence your placement opportunities. Therefore, you should select a college with a good reputation in your location and region to receive better job prospects.

The Takeaway

The MBA focuses on human resources, finance, business ethics, and so forth, but the PGDM is similar to the MBA but slightly more costly. Depending on the stream you pursue, such as PGDM Marketing, you are equipped to work in management-related roles.


PGDM or MBA, either of them offers career opportunities in many areas related to your field. You can easily figure out which is best for you based on these tips and factors.