What is AWS (Amazon Web Services) and how does it work?
What is AWS (Amazon Web Services) and how does it work?
AWS is the abbreviation as Amazon Web Services. It is a fully secure, and rapidly developing cloud computing platform that is provided by Amazon.

AWS is the abbreviation as Amazon Web Services. It is a fully secure, and rapidly developing cloud computing platform that is provided by Amazon. It is a blend of infrastructure as an service (Iaas) and platform as an service (PaaS) and packaged software as a services (SaaS) options. It provides services in format of components that can be used to build and run an application on the cloud. It offers cloud computing using a pay-as you-go model. AWS Course in Pune

AWS lets you do the following actions:

You can use applications and web server to run dynamic sites.

It lets you store all your files safely in the cloud, which can be accessed from any location.

To store data, it uses managed databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle or SQL server.

Through the use with the aid of Content Delivery Network (CDN) it is possible to distribute dynamic and static files in a short time all over the world.

Bulk emailing to your clients is possible.

AWS offers a range of services and each one is classified under different domains including storage, compute databases, messaging tools, managing tools as well as migration, network and security, content delivery and identity.

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The reasons to study and be certified by AWS: AWS certification training can help you improve your understanding and skills in the latest cloud-based technologies. You should study and become certified with AWS for some of the reasons listed below:

AWS is the fastest-growing cloud service in the world. AWS career opportunities offer a wide number of pay levels. In 2015 alone, AWS skills are the most sought-after abilities. AWS is available at affordable costs, and gives access to a no-cost AWS training tier. AWS. Increased Enterprise Cloud Migration to AWS. Employment Outlooks for AWS Solutions architect: Presently, AWS certified solution architect is among the most demanding jobs in the IT sector. Typically the role of a solution architect falls on member of the team that develops solutions that is responsible in transforming functional requirements into architectural.

In relation to AWS the term "solution architect" refers to someone who is in charge of designing and creating the AWS architecture for the current systems, then moving them into cloud architectures, as well as making technical plans to guide future AWS cloud deployments. AWS has about 47 percent of the market currently, and the majority of companies are using AWS and, consequently, companies are seeking AWS Certified experts. It is anticipated to see more opportunities coming up in this particular area. The graph below shows that the number of job ads for an AWS Solutions Architect is growing each year.

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Titles of jobs for AWS Solution Architect:

Here are the titles of the jobs offered to AWS Solution architects.

Software Developer

DevOps Professionals

System Administrators

Network Administrators

Solution Programmers or architects

AWS Technical Support

The AWS solution architect should possess basic abilities that all developers should possess. He must have a good understanding of BASH scripting, and be able code with Python, JavaScript, Java as well as C++, especially in the event that he has to work on the realm of Serverless architectures, in which fluency in any of the four languages is crucial. In addition as well, an AWS solution architect must have network experience within the realm of cloud. Being a system administrator or network administrator will allow you improve your skills.

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AWS Solution Architect Salary Trends:

There are a variety of jobs to AWS professional who are certified. According to a study about four million jobs are open in the US including 384jobs are open to IT professionals. According to Glass door survey, the salary of an AWS solution architects in India is within the range of 512,500 dollars per year, while in the US AWS solution architects could earn as much as $122,087 annually. The salary of this architect can vary depending on the level of qualifications and experience of the applicant.

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AWS Certifications:

Amazon has offered a variety of certifications for cloud computing professionals. The list of certifications is quite straightforward and is categorized into these categories

Developing: This certification is for candidates who keep and build AWS certifications. Two types of this certification are professional level and associate level. A certificate of associate-level is intended for professionals at the entry level, while the professional certification caters designed for AWs accredited DevOps engineer.

Operations: The AWS platform needs to be improved and maintained to aid in the development process and architectural. The certification is also offered in two categories, i.e. Associate and Professional. The Associate level certification is intended for the system operator or SysOps.

Architecture: The experts who develop and deploy the distributed system for the AWS platform should be able to obtain this certification. The certification is available at 3 levels. i.e. AWS certified solution architect - associate level, and then move up to professional level.

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AWS currently provides the following certifications, from which there is one fundamental qualification, three associate-level qualifications and two professional-level certificates, and three specialization certifications.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner AWS Certified Developer - Associate AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty AWS Certified Security - Specialty


To become a solution architect , one must possess a broad range of abilities as well as hands-on experience with AWS services. There are many job titles for AWS solution architects. Amazon offers a variety of certificates that allow candidates improve their abilities on the cloud computing platform and get the most lucrative compensation package. AWS professionals AWS professionals can help companies to increase their knowledge of AWS apps that are based on AWS.

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