What Are The Various Posts Are There Under SSC/CGL Examination?
What Are The Various Posts Are There Under SSC/CGL Examination?
A list of all accessible posts and the work profiles for all posts under SSC CGL Exam have been collected. You can opt SSC CGL Coaching in Hyderabad.

Since the formal notice from SSC CGL 2018-2019 was published, most of the applicants need to be interested in hearing all the job profiles from all positions under the CGL examination. In the meantime, SSC has issued CGL 2016 Candidates ' Priority Order Form. 

The SSC CGL exam enables applicants to work in Group B and Group C in numerous departments, offices, and departments of Indian government. SSC CGL Exam is favored among the aspiring applicants by the broad spectrum of alternatives, but at the same time leaves them confused about the job profiles for all SSC CGL exam positions.

A list of all accessible posts and the work profiles for all posts under SSC CGL Exam have been collected. You can opt SSC CGL Coaching in Hyderabad.

1. Assistant Audit Officer [Indian Audit and Accounts Dept. under CAG]

The Indian Audit and Accounts Department is the responsible body, the Central and State Accounts and the Assistant Audit Officer audits public sector companies. AAOs are provided to the audit officer / sr.  Audit officer in carrying out audits in a particular department (economic, performance, compliance).

Grade Pay–4800 Limited vacancies.

2. Inspector (Examiner) [CBEC]

The profile of the workplace consists of the Central Excise and Customs Board (CBEC). The job consists of examining products and checking if tax on products moving into and off the port has been applicable. The work site in coastal areas is mostly located.

Grade Pay–4600 Limited vacancies.

3. Inspector of Income Tax [CBDT]

This is a Grade C post from the Department of the Central Direct Tax Board (CBDT), which could involve some local travel. Profile of employment involves evaluation, verification and IT documents for people and businesses. Grade pay, 4600 jobs – high. grade pay.

4. Inspector (Preventive Officer) [CBEC]

The official is responsible for collecting data and acting on this data in the Central Excise & Customs Board (CBEC) office for the prevention of malpractice. The posting will take place mainly in towns with ports and airports like Chennai, Cochin, Kolkata and Mumbai.

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Pay for grade–4600 jobs–high.

5. Inspector (Central Excise) [CBEC]

The CBEC is responsible for the inspection, processing, and maintaining of the total records of taxes / returns submitted by the companies, verifying the correctness of the claims submitted by the Central Council of Excise & Customs (CBEC). Pay for grades–4600 jobs – high.

6. Assistant (Ministry of External Affairs)

You would also be needed to do administration job as a foreign ministry assistant, such as report compilation, email transmission, call making, event updates, and keeping records and bookkeeping. For a few years, the chance of posting outside India in many nations is high. Otherwise, in Delhi you will be published.

Grade Pay–4600 Limited vacancies.

7. Assistant Enforcement Officer [Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue]

The work profile is similar to the work of an inspector and comprises inspection, prevention and arrest. The postings will be made by Enforcement Boards located only in Bhubaneswar, Calicut, Guwahati, Indore, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Madurai, Nagpur, Patna, Srinagar and Varanasi, and in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata.

Grade Pay–4600 Limited vacancies.

8. Assistant [Central Vigilance Commission]

All surveillance activities carried out by different central government organizations are under the responsibility of the Central Vigilance Committee. An assistant's job is to update the case documents in conjunction with the departments in question. And collect the necessary information, records and fulfills the tasks set by the rules.

Pay grades–4600 jobs–high.

9. Sub Inspectors [NIA]

The Agency conducts terrorist inquiry and other issues related to national security. As the security of the country is paramount, the SI's role in the NIA includes many trips, gathering data from sites, collecting information on terrorists and more.

Grade Pay–4200 Limited Vacancies.

10. Inspector of Posts [Department of Post]

He or she is responsible for purchasing his or her postal services and promoting them. When appointed as a sub divisional inspector or as a IP-PG (Public complaint), 60-70 postal offices may be responsible. Pay grade–4600 job opportunities – High.

11. Divisional Accountant [Offices under CAG]

The offices in different Indian cities under the CAG will be placed. The task required them to work in the government department to audit this state government's work and project expenditures. The reports indicate the misconduct if any are forwarded to the CAG, headquarters of India.

GradePay–4200 Limited Vacancies

12. Accountant/Junior Accountant [Offices under CGA and others]

Mostly clerical is the job profile. It deals mainly with the State government's accounts for pensions and GPF matters, receipts and payments. Class Pay–2800 Limited vacancies

13. Accountant/Junior Accountant [Offices under C&AG]

The person designated in this position shall have the duty to check, identify errors or an incorrect statement of the facts by the civil ministry and to draw attention to previous cases or the Rules and Regulations in this area. They must also clearly raise the matter and, where possible, propose a course of action.

Grade Pay-2800 Limited vacancies

14. Sub Inspector [Central Bureau of Narcotics]

In order to keep drugs within the state borders, the work profile would require frequent travel. The work is like the work of an inspector, who expects more work than he does on the ground. Grade Pay–4600 jobs – High. Grade pay.

There are many posts under SSC CGL Exam. In this article it’s given you a gist of what each job profile might entitle. Opt SSC coaching online.