UPSC Preparation Tips – How to Prepare for UPSC
UPSC Preparation Tips – How to Prepare for UPSC
Tips to keep in mind while preparing for upsc exam. How to prepare for civil services exam and get selected for sure. What is the right time to start preparing and how to do it.

UPSC Preparation Tips – How to Prepare for UPSC

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), in which you get a very good post that is IAS. People work hard for many years to hold large positions in the country, but due to some shortage they are not selected. If you are preparing for this exam of UPSC, then you need some special tips - How to prepare for UPSC. Keep these things in mind.


UPSC Preparation Tips - How to prepare for UPSC

  1. Preparation from the first year

If you are preparing for UPSC exam then you should start doing it from the first year of graduation. In this, you should read the NCRT books only from 8th to 12th. You should understand that it comes with syllabus of small classes and it comes directly from NCRT. You must complete it at least during graduation. You can join UPSC coaching in Indore with you studies it will help you to study in right direction.

  1. Understand the syllabus

It is not a state exam it is a national level exam and your syllabus is different to go in it. You must understand that this is the IAS exam. Its subject syllabus is fixed and having the scope of national and international affairs. You will see its syllabus in depth and then descend into the field.

  1. Do read it

If you are preparing for UPSC to join IAS, and other big posts then you should read Employment Generation, The hindu, Times of India, etc regularly. The newspaper, which comes every week and cover the national and international news. In this, all the issues which are going to appear in the examination are given. It should be studied as much as possible. It has been observed in the last several years that almost no question arises from this and students do not read it.


  1. How to handle Reasoning

Allow one hour daily for arguments. You only must qualify this paper but many people take it lightly. You should bring the reasoning book and solve it and apart from this, you should keep looking for more such questions which can give you good marks in the exam.


  1. Keep these things in mind

Recently, what schemes have been run by the central government, what schemes are running, how much money has been invested in the schemes, how was the production of wheat and other crops in last year, how was its geographical location, politics One should study things etc. Apart from this, keep information about the names of leaders of all states, ministers and their departments and doings etc.


  1. In this way the main

On the lines of IAS, there are also pre and first mains and interviews here. If you have passed the pre, write the Mains questions and answer them. Apart from this, when you write the answer in mains, write in simple and precise words, which will give you a better number. For this, you should prepare to write answers at least four hours per day. Many UPSC Coaching in Indore are providing coaching for answer writing in UPSC mains exam.


  1. Keep attention in the interview

If you have cleared the mains, then go for an interview with some special planning. Even though it is a central exam, but in its interview, you are asked questions related to the country and the world and hence you should prepare for them as well. There is no shortcut to pass the rest of the interview nor are there any tips for this. It depends only on your intellectual ability.


The UPSC exam is different from the exam in all states. All state level psc exams follow pattern of UPSC.  You may find it easy to see, but not as simple.