Top 5 Best Coding Games to Master Programming
Top 5 Best Coding Games to Master Programming
Do you know that you can learn coding and programming by playing some coding games? Yes, certain games can help you learn to program.

Today, if you learn to code well, then you are open to lots of career opportunities. Programming is highly demanded by organizations and businesses since they need someone to maintain their websites, apps, and other software.

Learning coding can be a tiresome task, but coding games make it fun. So let’s know about the five best coding games of 2019.

1. Robocode

In this game, you will have to code robot tanks which battle against each other. You will have to enter artificial intelligence codes to drive your tanks to win the battle. The coding languages that are used in this game are Java, Scala, C#, and others. It was launched in 2000, but since then it is regularly updated and developed. Robocode is an open source coding learning software and available for free.

2. Codingame

It is an online coding game that helps you to learn and tune your programming knowledge. It enables you to play it with over 25 coding languages so that you can choose a language that you want to learn. Some of the programming languages are Java, C#, Python, Go, JavaScript, Rust, Lua, and many more. In the game, you will have to solve some puzzles and accomplish challenges.

3. Codecombat

CodeCombat is another alternative to learn programming and coding languages. It is an online puzzle and challenge game which can only be solved by entering codes. Codecombat is a game which makes you feel that you are learning something new each day. The game is less focused on entertainment. Codecombat games have three different courses:  Web Development, Computer Science, and Game Development. Make sure to check out this game, if you want to learn coding.

4. Vim Adventures

It is a fantastic coding tutorial game and helps you learn to use Vim, a high-performance text editor that is used in programming. Vim isn’t very easy to use and requires good knowledge and experience. This game will make you learn Vim by playing and solving different puzzles.

5. Shenzhen I/O

It is a puzzle based game which makes you improve your coding knowledge. Your task is to create simple circuits and enter the simplified assembly code. This game is highly addictive once you become used to it. As a result, you will have sufficient skills and knowledge to bag highly-paid programming jobs.

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