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Top 5 websites to Hire private tutors for homeschooling

Homeschooling in today’s day and age has become more popular than ever due to multiple restrictions on traditional schooling due to Covid-19. Parents are a quintessential part of their child’s learning journey but when they choose to homeschool them, private tutors can make all the difference. Private tutors fill in the gaps that parents while teaching their children might accidentally leave. 

Most parents not only acknowledge the need for private tutors while homeschooling their children but also find it inevitable in the longer run. A private tutor brings in subject matter expertise and can give the students personal attention that they would otherwise miss at the school. However, it is no easy task to find good private tutors that might be the right learning partner for the children. Every child has unique learning needs and not every tutor can cater to them in an enveloping manner. To find the right tutor for most effective learning, parents must start with investing time and effort in evaluating potential candidates. 

In the days of the yore, private tutors who could help with homeschooling (and otherwise too) were spotted mostly by word of mouth. The traditional approach severely limited the options that parents could assess for their children. Luckily, today there is plenty of help (and reliable help to be precise) available online! In the world of the internet and social media, parents today have multiple avenues to find the right private tutor for their child. Today, we enlist 5 websites that you can use to find several private tutors:

  • Talentnook.com

    Conceptualized by 2 parents Sumit and Rajeev, Talentnook is committed to building the world’s first neighborhood learning community for kids. You can find hundreds of private tutors on Talentnook for the best afterschool lessons. What’s even better? The profiles are verified and are updated to give you maximum insight into a tutor’s qualifications, teaching style, and past experience. You can ask for demo lessons and choose online tutoring if you like. They have tutors onboard who teach everything from math and biology to piano and drawing and keep parents updated with regular progress reports.

    Here are 2 useful links:

    Talentnook homeschooling: https://talentnook.com/homeschooling
    Talentnook study pods: https://talentnook.com/studypod

  • Studypool.com

    This is another website that was originally designed to provide homework help to students and now offers tutor search services as well. Tutors can register themselves on this website and can offer services in subjects like math, creative writing, business, English and even computer science. A key feature is that students can post their questions and alott an amount to it. Any tutor can then pick up and bid to address the question.

  • Tutorme.com

    Another website that offers online homework help on demand is Tutorme.com. Here, you can connect with an online tutor in less than 30 seconds, 24/7. It doesn’t matter if you want help with a single problem or a whole 2-3 hour long lesson. They cover a variety of subjects and offer instant homework help.

  • Embrace.com

    This website boasts of educators available to help the students in majority of academic disciplines (test prep, math, science, languages, English, history, reading, writing, ESL) and experts in ACT/SAT test prep, SAT II subject tests, AP exams, and special education needs. They offer personalized support and parents (or students) can choose from flexible payment packages as well.

  • Tutoringclub.com

    Based out of California, Tutoring Club stands for live education at home for children of all ages. They provide real time instruction services and have a detailed progress tracking mechanism too. They vouch for homeschooling and call it the safest way for children to learn and grow in an environment that is secure, familiar and conducive to their intellectual growth. You can try a free first session for your child to see if they can benefit from the range of services offered on Tutoringclub.

    We hope you will be able to find a great match for your child by scrolling through and assessing the multitude of private tutor profiles. Homeschooling can be great if you get your child the right private tutor, and with the internet, you can find one without breaking a sweat. So forget calling up friends and family and asking frantically for references! You can now find the right private with just a tap of the finger - quite literally!