Success Mantra for MPPSC Public Service Commission
Success Mantra for MPPSC Public Service Commission
Tips to keep in mind while preparing for mppsc exam. How to prepare for civil services exam and get selected for sure. What is the right time to start preparing and how to do it?

Success Mantra for MPPSC Public Service Commission

There's no short-cut to crack civil exams. MPPSC exam is tough to crack if you don't work according to a plan. Lakhs of aspirants write the prelims, and only a few are finally appointed as civil servants. The numbers reveal that cracking the Government exams requires a specialised approach to preparation. This article compiles ten tips to clear the MPPSC exam. So read on and get inspired!

Know Your Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Before you start preparing for the civil exam, know your syllabus and the exam pattern by heart so you can plan your strategy for MPPSC Preparation

accordingly. Once you are aware of the syllabus, you can focus more time on the main topics with more weightage.

Knowing the exam pattern well will help you get familiar with the number of questions and marking scheme.

Create a Timetable

Once you are familiar with your syllabus and exam pattern, you need to create a timetable. A planned timetable will help you in-

  • dividing the study hours equally and focus on topics that need more attention.
  • keep the negative marking in mind so you can prepare optimally for each subject.
  • managing time efficiently.

Start with Basics

It is advisable to either start with the basic concepts that you're already aware of or start with simple topics from each subject. Topics that are easy or more familiar to the candidate may not need much time and can be easily managed. The tough topics need more time and efforts, so the candidates need to handle these topics efficiently.

Focus On Your Strengths

Finding your strengths and weaknesses in very important. When you know where your strengths lie, you have a sense of confidence. Likewise, if you're aware of the weaknesses, you can work hard to overcome them by devoting extra time. Polish your strengths and make them perfect.

Don't Forget to Revise

Most students usually make the biggest mistake, as they don't give sufficient time to revise. Revise what you have studied because only practice can help you crack the exam.

Revision of concepts, important formulas and patterns for solving a particular question is important. Make sure your timetable comprises an ample amount of time for revision.

MPPSC Coaching Classes

The competition level of government exams is increasing exponentially every day. Most aspirants prefer going to the reputed coaching centres to improve their level of exam preparation. You can refer to the best MPPSC Coaching in Indore as the coaching tutors guide the aspirants and help identify their weak areas.

Online Coaching Classes

If your target is MPPSC 2021 then in this pandemic for safety purpose online coaching classes are best for mppsc preparation. You can join a good rated MPPSC online coaching classes many options are available online, first you need to check the rating and reviews of that institute which you are joining.

Stay self-motivated

To stay self-motivated, it is very important that you follow the right approach to prepare for the exam.

  • Evaluate the exam and know the topics that are high in priority.
  • Prepare notes while preparing for the exam so you can revise on a daily basis and don't burden yourself up.
  • Solve Mock Test & Previous Year Papers to know the difficulty level and analyze which topic consists more marking weightage.

Solving mock tests and evaluating yourself can boost your confidence.

Being confident gives you more power. Stay energetic and highly motivated, so you can work more to achieve your goals. Make your determination unbreakable!

Read Newspapers

If you are a civil servant aspirant, you must know that reading newspapers is essential. Almost all toppers recommend including The Hindu and The Indian Express as part of your daily reading routine. This will help you to be updated with the daily news and important current affairs. This will also help you to crack the interviews.

Never give up

Have a never say never attitude. Never lose sight of your goal. A lot of successful people go through third and fourth attempts. And it is worth trying and trying again till you succeed. Even if you fall behind, run faster but never give up.

Key Points

  • Once you know the plot, know what works best for you rather than imitating others' strategy.
  • Read a well-reputed newspaper daily and note the keywords and important points.
  • Collecting the best materials and books is also a task. But, make sure you have relevant study material for all the subjects, so you don't waste your precious time.
  • Make a proper time plan by allotting sufficient time to studying, playing games and performing mental exercises to rejuvenate yourself.
  • Take mock tests regularly. It will help you to gain knowledge and enhance your preparation.
  • Solve time-based quizzes to have a knack over time and have a good practice.
  • A healthy body fuels a healthy mind. Eat healthy and protein-rich food to have an active mind.
  • Sleep well and exercise every day to keep your body and mind fresh.
  • Be confident enough about your preparation and have faith in yourself that you'll crack it.