MPPSC Exam: 5 Important Things You Should Not Think About
MPPSC Exam: 5 Important Things You Should Not Think About
aspirants do general mistakes while preparing for mppsc focus and remember mentioned mistakes not to follow in exam.

MPPSC Exam: 5 Important Things You Should Not Think About

I do understand that writing mppsc exam is a very tedious affair and sometimes it is a very challenging one too and the pressures are high when the amount of time you have spent on it and the dependence you have for the exam. But the tricky thing is that, these pressures instead of acting for you, very decidedly act against you!

Here is a post on the things you should or should not be thinking about while you write an examination.

1) What the exam means to you!

I understand if the mppsc exam means the world to you and if it is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in your life. It is career maker for you, Frankly every exam feels like that and at that stage in our life, the exams do seem the single most important thing. However, try not to think about it at the time of an examination. There is no way it is going to release you out of the stress.

2) What if you don’t make it?

Well, this is the lousiest question you can ask yourself while writing an exam. If you make it – you make it and if you don’t- You Don’t. That is the start and the end of it. You cannot let a thought like that destroy you or your idea of an exam and your performance as well. The very thought is going to put you in a negative spiral and you would end up wasting a lot of time thinking about the alternatives while you should be thinking about the alternatives for the question or the answer. Focus is primary in an exam and you better do it on the question paper than the other distractions you have around or create for yourselves.

3) When the new spiderman movie is releasing!

Well even if it releases now, there is no way you can watch it while you are writing the exam. It may be anything, it maybe your personal life or fight with a girlfriend or a friend who needs your help it can be anything. But when you are writing the exam, the deal is between you and the exam only and nothing else. If there is anything else that can bother you while you are trying to find an answer to a question, you need to hold yourself together. There is no way you can succeed if you brood over all these while the exam is right in front of you and time is ticking.

4) What the results can be?

Well, the results can be anything, the valuators might either be strict or lenient. It is not something which is in your control. You must look at the bigger picture and you must identify the most important thing while writing an exam – Your TIME! The moment any focus goes out from the time zone to any other zone, you are landed in for trouble.

Preparation is one part of an exam; its execution is an equally important part. Do not worry about the things that are not in your control, you cannot bring them into order. But do worry about the things that are in your control. That way you can make a shift and you can make it work for you.

5) How hard you have worked and what you could have done better!

This is one question which every person taking the exam faces. If you have worked really very hard and things are not going your way, the first thing that comes to your mind is a tiny bit of remorse that you could have worked a little harder and maybe studied that one bit, maybe you could have sacrificed something else to realize this one segment.

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The other thought can be the fear of doing it again, going through the same process again and putting in so much of effort and sacrifice. Well, my friend, this is not the time for it. You have better things to do right now. Let the bygones be bygones. There is no way you can make a change there. Think about what best you can do with the resources at hand and things in your control. You need to sideline everything else and look at the one thing that matters the most, the exam and the exam alone. Everything else can wait.