Is MRCP Worth After MBBS?
Is MRCP Worth After MBBS?
Join MRCP in internal medicine. Get trained in the best MRCP training hospitals in India. Minimum 12 months internship in MRCP training hospitals in Kerala.

But wait, What is MRCP(UK?)?

If you are looking for a PG course after MBBS? Then you’re landing at the right place. Well, MRCP(UK) The Membership of the Royal College of Physicians is a PG(Postgraduate), diploma in the area of internal medicine in the United Kingdom. It is a valued qualification as it's a globally recognized diploma or PG course and is the straight route to specialize in medicine around the world. This exam is designed to test the fundamental medical sciences along with clinical skills needed for the diagnosis, and management of the disease. The MRCP is internationally recognized in many countries, particularly in the UK, the UAE, Singapore.

Who Can Apply? Or Eligibility for MRCP Diploma Course

Students who hold an MBBS degree or any equivalent degree from an authorized national or international institute can sit for the MRCP exam or people who’re in search of a PG course after MBBS can apply. No need for PG NEET, ITLES exam to register. It will give you a higher status in the countries abroad.

 If you have the certification, you can join as a consultant physician in a private hospital in India. The MRCP pinpoints the real-world utilization of medical knowledge, evaluating your practical theoretical stuff.

How About MRCP Course At IMSDP

IMSTP is Educational Services Pvt, Ltd, a trustworthy organization, has 12 years of experience in offering educational services to diverse fields. It is connected with outstanding professional experts in specific disciplines. They've created a precise professional training course. Besides, delivering the appropriate content, assessment, aboard aspirants, and more. Their ultimate aim is to shape the student's skills to improve their career.

Scope of MRCP At IMSTP

·         It has a variety of programs- SPIME

·         Students can get Live lectures or video lectures from Royal College Certified Professionals 

·         Course duration- 2 Years

·         Practice Test 

·         Mocks exams of Royal College, London

·         Monthly stipend and more


Any medical aspirants out there?

 If you're aiming or looking for an opportunity to work abroad in the UK, Singapore, or any other countries then MRCP is a worthy qualification to have. Enroll MRCP- Internal Medicine course at IMSTP and become the flying colors in your desired medical field.


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