How to Work Your Way Up to Data Scientist Status at a Big Tech Company
How to Work Your Way Up to Data Scientist Status at a Big Tech Company
Data science is now essential for success In practically every industry. As a result, data scientists need to have both technical and domain experience

For instance, a data scientist employed in the financial industry would require a thorough understanding of industry jargon and trends. A data scientist employed by a Big Tech company should be familiar with the inner workings of the major players in the sector.


So, we'll start this article by giving a general summary of the huge tech industry. We'll give some background information on the tech giants and data scientists' functions within these organizations.


The following section will detail the actual applications of data science at MAANG firms.

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Big Tech firms

We'll give a quick rundown of the MAANG companies to get you going.


  • Amazon

Jeff Bezos established Amazon in 1994, which is continually growing and changing. It developed from a book marketplace to become one of the most recognisable names in e-commerce. Currently, it employs over 1,608,000 people, and in 2021, it will generate $469.822 billion in total revenue.


The world's largest online retailer uses big data to create a behavioral analytics-based personalized recommendation system. The development of its anticipatory shipping model, which foretells the specifics of a customer's purchase, involves data scientists significantly.


Amazon is among the best employers for data science specialists, paying a median total of $162,576 per year.


  • Google

Google was established in 1998 as a search engine technology tool by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is currently a market leader in artificial intelligence and cloud computing. 

It creates a wide range of goods, including hardware, operating systems, and search tools.


The majority of the $257.63 billion in revenue generated by its parent company's operations in 2021 came from Google's advertising division. Alphabet has a workforce of more than 156,500.


The most widely used web-based search engine, Google, was one of the first businesses to utilize big data. The Google Cloud Platform applies it to enhance outcomes, invent products, and offer big data solutions for companies and individuals.


Google, one of the greatest employers for data scientists, offers an annual average total compensation of $209,752.

  • Apple

In 1976, Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak founded Apple. The producer of consumer gadgets is also an expert in creating software and online services.


It produced $365.82 billion in global revenue in 2021. It is now the FAANG company with the second-highest profit margin. Over 154,000 people are employed by it worldwide. In addition to developing technologies like voice and facial recognition, health-related mobile apps, and much more, Apple employs big data and analytics to enhance the customer experience.


Apple ranks among the top employers for data science specialists, with a median total income of $173,853 per year.


  • Meta

Mark Zuckerberg established Facebook (now Meta) in 2004 as a social media networking site. It eventually rose to the position of one of the top tech firms.


With more than 71,970 workers and a projected 2021 total revenue of $117.929 billion, Meta offers a wide range of services and goods to people all over the world.

The tech giant is the owner of several companies, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Reality Labs (formerly Oculus), a maker of hardware and software for virtual reality.


To enhance both its marketing strategies and client experience, Meta primarily relies on big data analytics. At Meta, the average yearly income for data scientists is $194,507. (base pay and additional compensation included).


  • Netflix

Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph established Netflix in 1997, which is regarded as one of the top production firms offering streaming services. Over 220 million people are subscribers, and 11,300 people work for the globe. The corporation, which is placed number 115 on the Fortune 500 list, made $29.7 billion in revenue in 2021.


A key factor in Netflix's success is big data. The streaming service, like Amazon, creates individualized recommendation algorithms for its consumers using big data analytics. More importantly, it uses personalized marketing based on the vast amounts of data consumers produce daily.


The importance of the job data scientists play is seen in their compensation. Netflix pays its data scientists an average yearly compensation of $166,979.


Bottom Line!

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Good luck!