How to Prepare for a Software Developer Interview?
How to Prepare for a Software Developer Interview?
There are various websites which will guide you on the basis of company-specific interviews. This way you can gain intel for all the companies that you are aiming for.

How to Prepare for a Software Developer Interview?

Tech interview questions may differ every time! This is why they are generally categorized to be non-uniform. Some candidates view this as an exciting opportunity because they get to showcase their various skills in different interviews.

There are various websites which will guide you on the basis of company-specific interviews. This way you can gain intel for all the companies that you are aiming for.

 But regardless we are here to talk about the general ideas and strategies that you can apply while preparing yourself for a Software Developer Interview.

We are also going to brief you on the different phases and virtues of the Accenture mock test series and the Infosys test. So, read it and take cues to excel in your next interview.

Cracking the coding interview

“Cracking the coding interview” is one of the most useful books that you can possibly get out there when you are trying to prepare for interviews with big tech companies such as Accenture, Infosys, Google, and many more.

If you have been in the industry or in Computer Science at all you would have certainly heard of it. It is a great introductory book in terms of how coding interviews are conducted. 

It also does a pretty good job at covering all the basics in terms of what concepts you need to know to do well in these interviews.

The way that this book is set up is that each chapter covers some type of data structure whether that is a list, a graph, or a tree. At the end of each of these chapters is a list of 10-15 questions that are specifically designed to test your knowledge on the specific topic. 

This is really a useful resource especially for beginners because after you learn and read about a particular topic you can get ahead and answer some of the questions from the back of the book. 

It makes for a very organized way for you to test yourself to see how well you actually retain that knowledge.

Also, the bonus factor about this book is that all the solutions are readily available at the back of the book. This way after you finish writing your solution you can check the back section of the book and confirm your solutions. 

We want to reiterate that while this book is a great resource it is a beginner-level book. A lot of the questions that are offered in this book are nowhere near as difficult as the real coding questions are at these really big-name tech companies. 

Regardless it is still an excellent place to start because the other platforms that are available out there are a little bit too difficult.

Check out YouTube channels

There are several YouTube platforms that you can look into while preparing for your Software Developer Interview. You can go over the questions and the learning modules on these channels. One thing we are assured of is that the quality of the material is top-notch. 

There are dedicated sections in these channels where experts talk about the learning modules and the concept of data structure and algorithm. You will find a plethora of practice questions that you can try to solve on your own from the channel so that is also a plus.

The bonus is that the questions that are available in these channels are way more representative of how an actual Software Engineering Interview pans out. 

So now let’s move on and assume that you have just finished the book “Cracking the coding interview” and you have technically solved all of the problems mentioned in the book. Or you might have surfed through various YouTube channels and finished every single question that has been discussed over there. 

But do not assume that your work is done here; there are still some pathways to cross before you are actually fully prepared for your Software Engineering Interview. Check out the following resource which has also proved to be a trusty source for your Software Engineering Interview.

Check out Programming interview prepping websites

We would like to suggest you use the interview prepping platforms for the Software Engineering Industry. You will find giant question banks of user-submitted questions of thousands and thousands of questions that are asked by actual interviewers in real-time interviews. 

Keep in mind that these questions are much more difficult than anything that the book “Cracking the coding interview” book offers. It is also more difficult than the sort of questions you would find on YouTube channels. 

Quite frankly these questions are sourced from actual companies and their real-time interviews for the position of Software Engineer. We would recommend you have an interview partner go through with the online coding interview prepping platform questions. 

This is because the best way to go about preparing using these websites is to organize mock interviews with a reliable partner. You can take the test 2-3 times a week along with studying with other materials so that you can focus on being attentive as well as covering as many concepts and problems as possible.  

Now that we have discussed plenty of the different resources that can offer you the right amount of guidance for your Software Engineering Interviews let us discuss a few concepts and patterns of the Accenture test and the Infosys test.

Accenture test selection process

  • Written test- This level is divided into 2 stages 

  • Coding Round- Here you will be asked to solve at least 2 coding questions within a given time frame

  • Communication Assessment- This is a simple assessment round where you will likely have to provide answers to English grammar questions. Also, you will be asked to repeat the sentences from a voice recording which will be in an American accent.

  • Technical + HR interview- The company has been conducting this round for the past few years so this is the final round that the applicant will have to go through in order to crack the interview.

Before the applicants have to appear for a general written test they are notified to take a Mock Assessment. This round is typically 20 minutes and it is a practice-based test that is also mandatory. 

The assessment is conducted to ensure that you have the right hardware to participate in the actual interview. Also, you must possess the required hardware and software to take the interview on your laptop.

This is the basic selection process followed by Accenture in order to conduct their yearly interviews. Now we will move on to the Infosys test pattern.

Infosys test selection process

  • Online test- This test is conducted over a course of 1 hour and 40 minutes with a weightage of 100 marks. There are 5 parts to this online test.

  • Interview (Technical + HR)- If you manage to succeed in the next round you will have to appear for a technical and an HR interview.

It is clear that the selection process for Accenture is quite lengthier than Infosys but regardless being placed in these companies is definitely a dream come true for many applicants out there.


We have discussed the beneficial study materials and other resources that you can make use of while preparing for Software Engineering Interviews in big-scale companies. Along with that, we have also touched upon the latest selection process for the Accenture test and Infosys test.