How to pass an exam in 7 days?
How to pass an exam in 7 days?
Are you looking for your way? Would you like to find a meaningful activity that makes you happy to wake up in the morning?

How to pass an exam in 7 days?

Since teaching at university, I see students always stressed when deadlines approach. Some collapse completely from the pressure and stress. Write my essay I had the idea of ​​writing this article to help them, to help you, to put all the chances in your side if you find yourself in this situation. But let's not waste time, your time is running out!

1 # believe in yourself

It is the basis of your success. Don't think about failure. If your determination is strong, anything is possible. Eliminate thoughts like “I'm going to fail” or “it's impossible”. Visualize yourself passing this exam, how do you feel? The stronger your determination, the more you will increase your chances of success. Take 10 minutes to do this visualization exercise.

2 # gather your documents

Gather all your notes, data, books, podcast, videos,… Anything you need to study. If your grades are incomplete or not clear enough, ask the top students if they can send you theirs. This is the first thing you need to do. Contact several to save time.

Today, with technology, students often (unwittingly) record prof. If you get these audio files, don't hesitate to listen to them before bed or even while you sleep. Do my essay It will allow you to refresh your memory, to remember details (which can make the difference when you are before the exam). Like on Youtube, you can probably speed up the reading speed on your player. Going from 1.0 to 1.5 will also save you precious time.

3 # establish the schedule

The timing is tight, you have to prepare for an exam in 7 days, it is possible if you plan the plan of attack well. You will distribute your quantity of material not over 7 days but over 5 days. Thus, you will be able to cope better with the unforeseen and the last 2 days will be devoted to a general overhaul. Divide the workload between these 5 days in a balanced way. But set priorities. Difficult subjects may be given more time. This allows the examination to be broken down into smaller parts that are more easily assimilated. At the end of each part, test yourself: what have you learned from what you have studied? Can you turn it into a mind map with the key ideas?

4 # set priorities

Make sure that you only study on what is going to be assessed in the exam. You have to be very specific. If you have any doubts, review the teacher's instructions or ask trusted students. I often see students putting energy into less important parts. Or spend hours rote study where they could save time by better understanding what they are studying. Concentrate on the essentials then dig deeper.

5 # find the right environment to study

You've probably already noticed that there are some places where you are more focused than others. Your room, the college library. The study environment has a crucial role. Cut all social networks. Do not study in front of a mirror or with noise. Usually the study is effective in the library, you can go with a friend. Study individually then discuss difficult points together for 15 min.

6 # bet on energy not time

Ok you have to pass an exam and you have little time but you absolutely have to manage your energy level. Stress will give you an adrenaline rush but will also consume your physical and mental energy. I advise against spending the nights to recover time unless it has already been successful for you and you are sure you can handle this kind of situation. Either way, you should sleep at least 6 hours and no more than 8 hours. Your brain continues to make connections with what you've studied even when you sleep, so this is an important step in your success. By being rested, you will move faster.

Eat fruit! Eggs, chicken and fish are the best for your brain. Avoid pasta that makes you sleepy during the day, take it instead in the evening. Make sure you drink your 2 liters of water during the day and have a glass of water before going to bed, the better your brain is irrigated the better it will work for you.

Bonus: heal your copy

At the end of each term, like my colleagues, I correct hundreds of exam papers. Some are real tea towels that it is sometimes impossible to decipher. The corrector is a human and not a robot. As a result, you can favorably influence his way of rating you if your copy is clean, airy, Buy essay online readable and he knows how to find the main elements of your reflection effortlessly.

Is it possible to study and pass an exam in just 7 days?

It is possible but it is never guaranteed. Several factors come into play. The amount of material, the difficulty of the material, the basics you have and how you will apply my advice.

No matter what, keep a positive attitude and TAKE ACTION! If you have done the maximum, you will have no regrets.

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