How To Make A Subtle Plot Exciting To Read + Strong? Take one to one live session with Best online consultant
How To Make A Subtle Plot Exciting To Read + Strong? Take one to one live session with Best online consultant
Have you ever consulted an expert writer or author to get ideas about how to make your plot exciting and strong to read? Writing a story with a great plot is not everyone's cup of tea. Have faith, the experts are the experienced authors and writers who can provide you with the right direction to write.

How To Make A Subtle Plot Exciting To Read + Strong? Take one to one live session with Best online consultant

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Let’s talk about how you can make a subtle plot exciting to read with the help of expert’s advice and how an author or a writer or an expert will help with it through one-to-one live video guidance.

  • Be a reader first- One to the most important thing to remember about writing is put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Always approach your story as a reader. This is the crucial point which you must not miss at all.
  • Know your audience - What kind of reader you want? Are they co-operate people, businessmen, or youngsters? Plot your story accordingly. Have a vision.
  • Concept of the story- Always prepared with a good concept. Make a good research, so that you won’t write anything that is not true except if you are writing a fictional story. Know the major theme of the story. Each and every narrative can be broken down into a single sentence, you need to write it with a bigger picture and information which takes the reader into account and shows an interest in his next moves.
  • Good Character - Choose great characters for your story. Once you have good characters you can set your story accordingly. Intriguingly, make your characters grow. 
  • Plotting- The most important part is plotting a story in a right direction with necessary twists and turns. Make sure all the twists and turns are believable and sensible according to the story. If your story is showing your readers to lean towards a certain outcome then try to make some changes and make it more interesting.

Last but not the least, always keep the story revealing part at the end with the great ending. Remember to have beta readers who can tell you and give you proper feedback about it. To know more about writing you can connect with the best experts at Book My Wizard and get mind-blowing techniques that are not even in any books. They will share their experiences to you through one-to-one live video sessions and make your dream come true. Post your queries for free and get a 15 minutes free session with any expert you want. You can email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.