How online learning benefits Cbse schools in pune?
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For several years now, students have been struggling to attend classes and schools, and of course, it has been no cakewalk to juggle between exams and school homework. Students had to travel several miles to attend classes, which could keep them distracted and minimize their learning capacity, but that's not the case anymore as online courses have been a go-to option for several kids. The best part about online courses is that the students can learn at their own pace and have several learning options, including video and presentations; they can get the latest updates from professionals.

How do online courses in CBSE schools in Pune make all the difference?

Quite engaging- The online courses are pretty interesting than offline classes. It is mainly because the students find it less challenging to prepare for the exam. In physical classes, several students find it challenging to raise doubts or even participate in debates. Online courses have made it all easy, so students find it seamless to take interact. They can quickly ask questions and be free in discussions. Above all, the online classes feature a multimedia format for study materials which keeps the students hooked. Hence it is pretty easy for students to retain the concepts which they watch through online videos. 

Frequent feedback- one of the vital elements of quality learning is feedback. It implies NEET online preparation also. It becomes challenging for teachers to keep track of 50 students, and their performance is significantly affected. On the flip side, in online classes, the batch size is minimum. Teachers can easily keep track of all students' performance, overall test scores, and their strengths and weakness. Thus, teachers offer better and regular feedback to the students. 

Students have better control over learning- while students study in the physical classroom, they get time for self-study. They can strive hard to align with the class's pace. Learning online allows students to get a lot of time for self-study. The best part is that students don't need to waste time commuting to these classes. Instead, students can study in the best institutes from the comfort of their homes.