Five things you should not do while preparing for MPPSC
Five things you should not do while preparing for MPPSC
aspirants do general mistakes while preparing for mppsc focus and remember mentioned mistakes not to follow in exam. Avoid these general things while preparing and and see how great the results come around you.

MPPSC exam preparation is probably the toughest time in thelife of an aspirant! It really is all it takes from a student to prepare forand excel in this highly competitive exam. Socializing, watching your favouritemovies or TV series, playing your favourite games- everything stops when you startcrunching the numbers for MPPSC. Be it MPPSC Pre or Mains, a certain level ofdiligence is required on the part of the student.

Don't worry, we are here to help you score a top score inthe MPPSC Examination! Everyone tells you what to do while preparing for MPPSC,so let us tell you what not to do!


1. Underestimate the importance of keeping a timetable

Regular study is most important for MPPSCpreparation. Working 8 hours in a day and then taking rest the next daywill not do you any good when it comes to getting good marks in MPPSC. Regularstudy is required at least four to five hours a day, and the best way to createa routine and stick to it is to create a timetable for yourself. Plan yourstudies systematically and don't forget to add breaks in between under anycircumstances. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, eh?

2. Refer to multiple books on the same subject

A lot of chefs spoil the broth, don't they? Referring to oneor two of the best books available on a certain subject or subject is the bestway to prepare for MPPSC. For example, if you have joined a mppsc coachingcentre, refer to the books they offer, apart from one other reputed book persubject. Studying too many books can confuse you or provide you with too muchirrelevant information. Also don’t read mppsc notes and studymaterial of multiple coaching institutes the coaching which you joined formppsc take the notes of that institute and make you class notes which will helpyou in study.

3. Crack mock tests easily

Mock tests are the best way to know how much you have preparedfor the exam said the mentors of best mppsccoaching in indore. Never take mock tests too easy, and once you do, testyourself thoroughly. This will help you find out your strengths and weaknesses,and in turn help you plan your studies better by allotting more time to yourweak areas. Time limit is also important while giving mock tests. Never give toanyone without a time limit, as it only defeats the purpose.

4. to delay

Delay is probably the worst thing that you can do for yourMPPSC preparation. Don't worry, once you get to the dream institution of yourchoice, you'll have plenty of time to sit back and procrastinate! For now, keepthis off your list. Instead of telling yourself "10 minutes more, thenI'll read," start 10 minutes earlier and finish your assignment orassignment.

5. Feel the Heat

Maybe it's not so sensible to include it in the list, but itneeds to be put out there. Students who take a lot of pressure for MPPSC mustface huge health-wise consequences, which is top priority. Maintaining yourgood health is more important than any exam you are ever going to attend, sotake it easy from time to time. Positive thinking, nothing to worry and happyattitude will give you success in MPPSC. do not believe? Try it yourself thenext time you appear for the mock test!


So, these were the five most dangerous things that canpotentially hamper your MPPSC preparation. Make sure you stay away from them, andsee how great the results come around you!