Choosing the Right Coaching Institute for UPSC Exam preparation
Choosing the Right Coaching Institute for UPSC Exam preparation
If you want to be an IAS then selection of UPSC coaching is also important and keep few things in mind while choosing the best IAS coaching from your short listed names. Find here few tips for choosing it carefully.

Choosing the Right Coaching Institute for UPSC Exam preparation

Due to the unlimited syllabus to be covered in a limited time, classroom coaching for UPSC is very popular. Because of the vast range of topics that all require different tactics, there is no such thing as a perfect Coaching Institute for Civil Services Examination. One must ensure that they get value for their money and help and guidance to overcome their specific weak areas.

Best IAS coaching bound you to study in a positive and disciplined manner. They’ll guide you to the best way to crack the exam. They’ll train you, what to study from the IAS syllabus, what are the essential topics being asked frequently in previous years little tricks to solve the questions in the exam, all the things

  • Company of like – minded people
  • Guidance from the experienced teachers
  • Well – researched and updated study material
  • Advanced test – series as per the latest trends in the UPSC exam regular review by the teachers via test and mock exam
  • Motivation by the teachers and peers
  • Great information on latest happenings around you
  • Strategies and tactic which you might not get in the books or newspaper
  • Sharing general information like study material questions and solutions from fellow mates.
  • UPSC Coaching in indore centres concentrate on building concepts and removing doubts – two main blocks of any competitive exams
  • But use your own instincts and analyse which coaching institute to go for. There is no dearth of ias coaching in Indore, and thus you would be confused by the claims of many. Seek advice of your seniors and mentors and then go for it. After all they will be the one who will form a good base regarding your preparation. Coaching will provide you the direction which will let you attain success

Too much Coaching at a Time Creates Havoc

Many aspirants who come for UPSC coaching in indore, do this one mistake which becomes too risky for them. At the time of initial preparation, they decide to attend as many coaching at that time. So, they could save time from going to different institutes and also their preparation comes to quicker halt.
What happens is that, aspirants then run pillar to pillar in various coaching institutes attending different lectures. He/ She note down the notes, attend classes but at the end of day, they are too tired to even revise. And thus, they continue with the cycle for many months. At the end, when course ends, and they go back to their home town, they realize, that they have many doubts which now cannot be solved. Some of the things which they thought they understood at that time, now seem vague and ambivalent.
It’s like starting afresh again. Thus, aspirants seem to miss the whole point of upsc coaching – mentoring and solving their doubts. So, it’s better to study at your pace rather to complete all the course at once. Think, how much time it will require you to study one course. And then go for simultaneous coaching for IAS

Study Materials of Coaching institute

Are the study material of the coaching institute reliable? Can they be the path to your success? It cannot be answered in Yes or No. Because it works for some and it might not work for you Coaching material or handwritten notes by toppers are both important. They have their relevance. They can guide you when you are self – studying. However, it all depends on the quality of the material. Whether it has been updates or not or from which coaching institute it has originated.
Hand written notes give you self - confidence and understanding as Civil Service exam is based like engineering or academics. So only you’re understanding and clarity matter.
If you are familiar with the upsc syllabus and can judicially select what to read, printed material will go well. Hand written notes at time are difficult to understand and read because it comprehended by the person who has attended live classes and may not be legible.
Thus, it may lack all relevant information about a topic Handwritten notes at best can be used to get a brief idea of what all has been taught in the class.


  1. Identify your subjects : First and foremost, identify your own needs and select a CI which is well known for your subjects as no CI maintains the same quality of teaching in all the subjects.
  2. Faculty: about the faculty especially those teaching your weak subjects. A decent CI should also maintain an acceptable quality of teaching in the other subjects.
  3. Answer writing: Since subjective answer writing is a core quality required for Mains,choose a CI that makes students practice answer writing and phrasing in class. Proper evaluation of these answers and feedback is also necessary.
  4. Competitive test series: CIs help in whetting your preparation against the steep competition. Therefore, an up to date test series with exhaustive evaluation of answers is a must.
  5. Course content: Select a CI which offers updated and organized so as to reduce the amount of time and money spent on reference books.
  6. Past results:  Don’t rely on paid advertising and marketing, look for unbiased results to make an educated decision while selecting a classroom program. Past results with classroom programs are a primary indicator of their teaching methodology.
  7. Travel time: No amount of coaching can make up for self-study. Therefore travelling should not eat into time allocated to self-study.