Advantages and disadvantages of school mobile apps
Advantages and disadvantages of school mobile apps
Online education is the only medium that is helping students in staying aligned with their students.

At present, India has 760 million active smartphone user and we all have mobile app for even smallest of the task so we can’t ignore the fact that mobile have capabilities to impart education and can also be used to access educational content. Today when the world is going through such unpresented times and students are not able to physically attend educational institute. Online education is the only medium that is helping students in staying aligned with their students.

Recently any education institutes have arranged school mobile apps that come loaded with many modules that helps the students in learning while staying at home. So today we will be discussing certain advantages and disadvantages of mobile application:


Ease of Mobility. Mobile Application make it possible to organize and optimize the educational process, regardless of place and time. There are two beneficiaries to this kind of mobility: firstly, the possibility of implementing educational programs despite the location of a qualified specialist. Secondly, ease of access from different devices through the use of cloud storage systems. In the event of a change in a cell phone, the student will have access to all previously available information. Besides, they can easily use different devices to complete tasks of varying degrees of difficulty.

Ease of Regular education. Compared with previous years, the use of information technology was focused on stationary devices. But due to this pandemic the need of regular education for student while staying at home is much more evident. And mobile application comes in handy solution in such case as students can have regular access to their education or syllabus from any corner of their home and they do not need to sacrifice on their studies because of inability to attend schools or colleges physically. Teachers just need to record their lecturers and share them as a video or can have an online live class through the mobile application only where students can join them in Realtime.

Improving the quality of communication. Mobile devices allow ease in building fast and high-quality communication between the teacher and the student. Students can interact with teachers in Realtime and can discuss their doubts or ask for explanation on any topic. Teachers can also share instant notification with all students and can communicate with parents on real time chatting that comes inbuilt in mobile app.

Preparations for Future:  
We have no escape from technology and mobile applications prepares students to use technology. Today we have a lot of career opportunities in mobile development and UI design.

Ease to teachers: Anything that creates ease for teachers automatically creates ease for students too. Mobile application comes occupied with modules such as Attendance Management, Assignment Management, Online Tests and many more that makes life of teachers more convenient and easier and now they are more focused on studies and can devote more time to students.

Eco Friendly: The number of trees being cut to manufacture paper for education industry is huge. By opting for mobile application as an study option you saves a lot of tress and papers and you can do your bit to conserve your environment.

Disadvantages of mobile applications in education

Lack of Sociability: While online education comes with great benefits, we can’t ignore the fact that it results in lack of sociability among students as there is no real connect among students and teachers. Hence qualities like Leadership, Confidence, Sociability and Team work can’t be developed among students.

Unavailability of Internet: Students residing in Metro Cities has easy access to internet as compared to rural or Tier 3 cities students. Difficulties with free access to the Internet in some regions emerge as a challenge to use mobile applications for learning. While on the other hand India as an nation is emerging as Most Internet Consuming country on globe and we believe so all Indians will have easy access to intertnet

Final thoughts

But, despite these shortcomings, some of these problems can be completely or partially eliminated.

Today, the number huge number of smartphone users has increased multifold as compared with the number of desktop computers users in India by almost three times. And we cannot neglect such an important factor as the relevance of the mobile application platform. As for access to different types of information, the use of mobile devices is much more convenient. Now students can use smartphones to learn new things and consume educational content ither that just gaming and using for fun purpose.

In conclusion, we are not saying that mobile learning can eliminate or replace traditional education. Still, this can be used as an additional learning method or process as a blended education process. Online education can really help students who are not able to physically attend schools due to any reasons. Moreover, once situation restores to normal, we can use online education to educate students about additional courses or skills that can’t be taught in school.