A Complete Insight to Hire an Online Tutor in Aylesbury
A Complete Insight to Hire an Online Tutor in Aylesbury
Hiring the best online tutor in Aylesbury is the primary concern of every parent. How to hire a tutor then? Read the post right now!

A Complete Insight to Hire an Online Tutor in Aylesbury

The Garden Town Status, Aylesbury, is the centre of Buckinghamshire. Aylesbury is known for its tradition. Besides the historical background, the town is famous for its advanced education standards. The educational institute focuses on the intellectual and personal growth of students. Students in their early academic years often require supplementary education, and considering online tutors in Aylesbury is the best substitute to fill the educational gap. Therefore, the concern of every parent is to find excellent online tuition for their child. The online tutors facilitate the students with their home assignments and exams like SATs, 11 Plus and GCSE. The online tutoring platform aims to promote quality education for students of every age.

Sometimes, searching for the right tutor for your child can be very challenging. Here is  an insight into how to select an online tutor for your child. 


Types of Online Tutor

The significant advantage of online tutoring platforms is that they facilitate homeschoolers. When it comes to online tutoring, there are two mainstreams of tutoring.

Online Tutors- are more likely traditional tutors. These tutors facilitate a small number of students in virtual classrooms. 

A one-to-one tutor is more like a private tutor. The tutor and student interact through an online platform. One-to-one tutoring offers freedom of questioning and expression of thoughts. The medium is practical for the home scholars and the students who feel shy in-class participation.


When to Hire a Tutor?

Most parents consider the option of hiring a tutor for their child when there is a critical examination. Tutors help your child to achieve their goals. There are specific markers that will help you to decide when to hire a tutor for your child

  1. When the child's version becomes static.

  2. There is a negative inclination in his average scoring.

  3. When the child lacks in concept formulations and clearance.

  4. Lack of concentration and low motivation for studies.

  5. The child is showing negative attributes towards studies and significantly towards home assignments.

  6. When the child is reporting performance anxiety, there is a need to hire a tutor.

 What to Look for in an Online Tutor?

Healthy cynicism and real-world perspective are the top qualities of the tutors. An ideal tutor must have strong intellectual, cognitive and emotional health; the criteria remain the same for distance learning. While hiring an online 11 plus tutor in Aylesbury following are the characteristics you need to look for


  1. Technical Knowledge- he must have a solid educational background, such as a pedagogue degree.

  2. Experience- is essential for the competency of an online tutor.

  3. Interpersonal Skills- The tutor must have a motivating, encouraging and optimistic attitude towards the students. 

  4. Communication Skills- Active listening, empathy, emotional intelligence, strong verbal and non-verbal communication are the traits of an ideal tutor.

  5. Association with Reputed Organisation The credibility of an online tutor can be measured by the association with an organisation such as an online tutoring platform. It adds value to the credibility and reliability of an online tutor.


Be Careful While Looking for an Online Tutor

Taking precautions is an essential measure before hiring an online tutor. There are a bunch of bad experiences of parents with online tutors. The slightest negligence in the selection results in a terrible experience. The need of hiring a tutor still exists, and there is a resting fear of bad experiences. Therefore, you must take the necessary steps before selecting an online tutor. Be careful when you are hiring an online tutor. Look for their competency, educational background, ensure the security checks and their affiliation with an organisation. Make sure that you have taken essential measures before hiring. 


Top Online Tutoring Platforms

The 21st century is marked with internet evolution, and gradually led to the formation of online tutoring platforms. There are numerous educational websites offering quality education, but which one to choose? Instead of surfing on the internet, the following is the list of recommended online tutoring platforms.

  1. Tutor House

  2. Superproof

  3. Fleet House

  4. First Tutor

  5. Tutorful

  6. My Tutor 

  7. Tech 9

  8. Tutor Class



Benefits of Hiring an Online Tutor 

There are significant benefits of hiring an online tutor for your child. Besides traditional school education, there is a need for supplementary education. The advantages are as follows

  1. Improves your child's academic grades.

  2. Offers one-to-one interaction.

  3. Lowers the academic pressure.

  4. Encourages self-directed learning.

  5. Facilitation of recorded lectures

  6. Hiring an online tutor in Aylesbury  is economical

  7. Flexible learning environment.

  8. A limited number of distractions.

  9. Helps in cultivating essential skills in students.

  10. The focused attention of the tutor.

  11. Encourage children's intellectual and personal growth.

Significance of English and Maths Tuition

Most of the students find it challenging to learn English and Maths. These two subjects are the core subjects of SATs, 11 Plus and GCSE exams. Lower understanding and poor concept formation is the leading reason behind the frustration and difficulty in learning these subjects. However, the distractions in classroom settings are also significant reasons behind the lower conceptualisation of the topics. Therefore, the majority of the parents consider the option of  English and Maths tuition for their child. It will be best if you know the competency of a tutor.

For instance, an English grammar teacher is competent with grammatical rules, punctuation and vocabulary. He doesn't hold the expertise in the technical Maths subject. Therefore, if your child is facing ambiguity in English or Maths subjects, hire the respective tutor for them. Further, focused attention helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of students. Intellectual and personal growth is encouraged by specialised tutors.


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