8 Effective Tips to Pass MPPSC - Must Try
8 Effective Tips to Pass MPPSC - Must Try
Effective tips for students to crack mppsc, try it once for your mppsc exam preparation with No.1 Mppsc Coaching Institute situate in indore.

8 Effective Tips to Pass MPPSC - Must Try

MPPSC pre-exam has been done in Madhya Pradesh, soon the main exam can be announced, in such a situation, we have brought precise tips for you. You can win this exam by following it. Abhishek Khare, a teacher, career counsellor, and author of the civil and state service examination, told me how to prepare for the MPPSC main exam. For this, he has also given some tips. Also told that paragraph article, ie the nature of the questions according to Marks, as well as how to manage time has been told. Prepare for the MPPSC exam with India’s No.1 Mppsc Coaching Institute.

1. The objective of the main examination is that much credit for your selection in the State Service Examination is based on the marks obtained by you in the main examination. For this reason, the students are expected in this examination that the answers given by them are qualities like sagacity, originality, adherence to the word limit, inclusion of facts, good and in-depth knowledge of the subject, grip on language, and excellence of answers.

2. Paragraph or Point Writing - Usually students believe in writing paragraph or pointers ie and one-liner and many times they want to write with their own approach but my suggestion is that instead of writing a paragraph or one line approach you Adjust the writing according to the nature of the question

3. Nature of questions according to Marx

Mainly question papers A - and B section consists of 3 marks, 6 marks, and 15 marks questions. Each part carries 150 marks questions, that is, a total of 300 marks questions.

4. Nature of questions according to the word limit

There are 15 questions of 3 marks, whose answers have to be written in one or two lines.

There are 10 questions of 6 marks, which have to be answered in 100 words. In the fourth paper of the same study, this word limit is 150 words.

There are 3 questions of 15 marks, which have to be answered in 300 words.

5. How to split time

You have roughly 180 minutes to solve the question paper in the examination hall, but taking a margin of 10 minutes, you consider it as 170 minutes and divide it as follows.

A. 3 marks, 15 questions = 1-2 lines = solve a question in 1 minute

B. 6 marks, 10 questions = 100/150 words = solve a question in 4 minutes

C. 15 marks, 3 questions = 300 words = solve a question in 10 minutes

Ie 85 minutes for each section

6. Understand the meaning of the words asked in the question

Criticize - In this, the main drawbacks are written.

Criticism - analysis - The merits, demerits, timeliness of questions asked during answer writing are discussed.

Evaluate - Explaining the usefulness of the subject

Critically Evaluate - Explaining the usefulness of the subject as well as the conclusion with the merits

Analysis - Examining the topic, and analyzing

7. A good quality answer should have the following characteristics

· Clarity of the point approach and views

· Short description

· Some important facts can be started by incorporation of statement, poem

· Use of charts, diagrams, and maps as required

· Word limit adherence

· Grammar mistakes should not be made using good words

· Have a passion for writing

· Fluent answer writing

· Do not repeat the words

· No garnishment

8. How to prepare for the main exam

· Try to write at least 1500 to 2500 words every day

· You have to write an average of 42 to 45 pages in 3 hours.

· Take special care of time management, try writing by looking at the answer writing (100, 150, 300 words) even at home.

· Cover the entire syllabus

· Read each topic in detail

· Write definitions, statements, ideal sentences, poems as necessary, so that they can not only be useful in the answer writing but also increase the quality of the answer.

· Practice writing at least 10-15 topical and current topics in advance (5 essays 1000 words / 10 essays 250 words)

· Current Affairs, M.P. General studies