5G Technology and benefits of 5G
5G Technology and benefits of 5G
5th Generation technology is that the next generation of telecom networks (fifth generation or 5G) has started hitting the market end of 2018 and can still expand worldwide.

5G technology is expected to unleash a massive 5G IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem where networks can serve communication needs for billions of connected devices, with the right trade-offs between speed, latency, and cost.

5G is that the fifth generation of mobile wireless technology — the upgrade to the 4G network. By using shorter, higher frequency bands of the radio-frequency spectrum, 5Gpromises lower latency, faster speeds, and greater load capacity. 5Gcould deliver browsing and download speeds 10 to twenty times faster than the4G network.

Companies are racing to possess the fastest or largest 5G networks. And countries are competing to be the primary to deploy fully functional, nationwide 5G. Benefits of the new technology are expected to fuel transformative new technologies, not just for consumers but also for businesses, infrastructure, and defense applications.

5G will reduce latency —the time it takes for a telephone (or other connected devices) to form an invitation from a server and obtain a response — to virtually zero. And it'll make communication with cloud platforms (think Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) faster and easier.

Top reasons why we accept 5G Network

1) Faster Speed
Faster Connection Speed significantly faster than what the 4G network currently offers. 4G technology maximum speed tops out at 100 megabits per second, but that’s under perfect laboratory conditions.
5G has the potential to succeed in a staggering 10 gigabits per second, a jump which will surely be of interest to businesses across all industries and sectors. The amount of knowledge that enterprises transfer a day, hour, even minute is growing rapidly. 5G is promising moving significant amounts of knowledge won’t cause any network issues.

2) Lower Latency
5G is about to lower latency to only 1 millisecond. As lower latency generates faster responses from the networks, the consistency of speeds also will improve– enhancing mission-critical applications like those travel by emergency services, in-vehicle applications, drones, sensors, and industrial automation.

3) Higher SpectralEfficiency
With the launch of the new 5G network, we'll experience a better spectral efficiency rate, meaning 5G can erupt more data at twice the speed compared to current networks. 

 4) Driving traffic Capacity
5th generation technology will handle network traffic by delivering massive broadband that delivers gigabytes of bandwidth on demand, allowing users to experience more data-consuming applications (such as VR and robotics) at faster speeds. Highly connected infrastructures, fully automated systems, and everyday connected devices in larger numbers will have the power to function without disruption because the increased 5G bandwidth will have the capacity to enable more advanced applications as well.

5) Improve Reliability
5G technology will end in a way more reliable network overall. This means issues such as dropped calls and interrupted connectivity will be eliminated. This is vital for businesses dealing with critical operations such as health care or data storage.

6) Extending the reach of Mobile Broadband
5G technology can power technology well beyond what current mobile technology permits. Thanks to its speed and bandwidth, 5G promises to form significant improvements in 3D holograms, computer games, and augmented reality, creating opportunities to attach people far beyond what current cellular technology allows.

7) Improving Safety, Health, and Security
5G technology promises to enhance mission-critical services that affect the security and security of services today. Opportunities include smart cities with 5G publicly spaces, the potential for remote surgery, better control, and lots of other applications that depend upon nearly instantaneous reaction time.

8) Better gaming Experience
Gamers can finally unshackle the chains of gaming consoles with 5G fuelled cloud gaming technology. 5G, gaming can be taken on the go. Whether sitting on the town bus or within the dentist’s office, gamers can get their game on with mobile technology paired with a cloud gaming server.

9) Robotic Medical Advancements
5G technology will convince be transformative is within the field of drugs. When it involves matters of life and death, just a couple of seconds can make all the difference.
5G technology will dissolve borders and permit doctors to succeed in patients from every corner of the world. For medical advancements, through 5G technology is limitless and absolutely incalculable.

10) Low Power consumption
Low power consumption is what is going to allow connected objects to work for months or years without the necessity for human assistance.


5th generation technologies are not just the next version of mobile communications, evolving from 1G to 2G, 3G, 4G, but it provides a new approach giving ubiquitous connectivity. Mobile communications with 5G Technology will be able to encompass a huge number of different applications and accommodate very many different data types.