Top Modules for Prestashop
Top Modules for Prestashop
These are the top modules for Prestashop developed by FMEModules

You may enhance the traffic and offers of your online store with the help of these modules in a fair amount of time, motivating them to perform things successfully by visiting your online area. I'm confident in my abilities. These are the greatest modules currently available and should be your first choice. Tap the interface for more captivated attention if you don't have the intellect.

Prestashop Box Calculator
Prestashop Sell by Box Module takes care of a very important necessity that store owners frequently require. If the products you offer in your shop come in packs and you sell them in packs, Prestashop does not have this option by default. Our module is specifically built for this purpose.

You can offer your items in bundles once they've been installed and configured. Customers will just enter their preferred region, and the number of boxes will be computed for them.

Prestashop Product Comments
Product Comments in Prestashop with Images Your visitors can leave a comment on the product page, which can contain a picture and a star rating. Users can sort comments based on whether they are featured, have photographs, or are rated. Admin has the ability to respond to comments as well.

New comments can be accepted, and only those comments that have been approved will be accessible on the front end. Admin has the ability to respond to each remark. You can modify comment information, adjust ratings, and change the substance of the remark while responding.

Prestashop Limit Order Quantity
Prestashop Limit Cart Quantity Module is a must-have for you if you want to limit the quantity of any given product that a user can purchase at one time. Our module is built on a rules-based architecture that makes it simple for merchants to set rules that suit their needs. To accommodate to various case scenarios, you can establish many rules.

Prestashop Webp
Convert all photos in your store to webP format automatically, substantially lowering their size while keeping quality. Converting photos to webP will significantly improve site performance, resulting in a better user experience. Increasing site speed not only improves user experience, but it also improves search engine rankings, as site speed is a major component in SEO (search engine optimization)

Link Widget Prestashop
The administrator may need to show a number of links to their visitors so that they are always available. Other stores or relevant sites relating to the business can be included in the connections. Shop owners do not have the option to display links on their site by default. Link Collection Module allows you to do precisely that.

You may make a lovely link collection with distinct sections that you can display anyplace in your online store. Users can access the links by selecting categories and can also provide thumbs up rating. Admin can also establish numerous link collections for example, one for the main page, another for product pages, and yet another for user account pages, and so on.

Add Text to Image Prestashop
You can sell user-customizable things to your consumers with the Prestashop Add Text on Product Image Module. You can offer your consumers the option of adding text of their choosing to the product image, and then sell that personalized product along with the cost of the extra modification.


Customers frequently utilize products like phone covers, shirts, or caps to personalize them. However, occasionally a firm requires a shirt or a piece of clothing with their own tagline on it. You may give this to them with our module, which allows customers to add personalized text themselves.