How Can Your Business Benefit from Hybrid Events
How Can Your Business Benefit from Hybrid Events
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How Can Your Business Benefit from Hybrid Events

Since 2020, event marketing has evolved due to social distancing and lockdown restrictions. Moreover, remote working is now the trend, making customary physical conferences obsolete. These days, online or hybrid events are the new normal, so entrepreneurs must adopt these changes if they want their businesses to keep booming.

Introducing Hybrid Events

So, what are these hybrid events that dominate the marketing scene? These are typically touchless events that are the cross bred of on-site and virtual events. These activities are live somewhere with a limited number of in-person attendees. In addition, it is virtually captured for online guests who are participating real-time. The host will still have to use a virtual hub where the online and live audiences can interact.

Just to make it clear, hybrid events are not:

·        A recorded video shared with the audience to watch

·        A streaming event conference from the guests’ mobile devices

·        Prioritizing the in-person attendees than the virtual participants

On the other hand, hybrid events are characterized by the following:

·        Normally contactless events that cater to all participants without risking their safety

·        Helpful in facilitating interaction among virtual and live audiences

·        Platforms that allow live and online participants to engage on a similar level

Hybrid Event Benefits

There are several key benefits of conducting hybrid and online events. For this reason, they are understandably appealing to entrepreneurs who want their business to reach out to customers in the new normal setup.

1. Increased attendance and reach.  

With hybrid events, you can reach more audiences, both existing customers and potential ones, in thrilling ways. According to experts, almost 98% of hybrid event participants did not actually plan to attend live. Then, around 23% of event hosts who organized hybrid events revealed that more participants attended their future touchless events.

2. Higher interaction.

Hybrid events let participants, both in-person and online, actively engage in the event. They can talk, comment, like, share, and participate in real-time quizzes, polls, and even Q&As, thanks to the different features in the virtual halls. There are also opportunities for attendees to play touchless on the ground games, such as Running Man and Green Light Red Light.

3. Meeting new connections.

In this kind of event, virtual and live attendees can have the opportunity to expand their networks. Some virtual event platforms provide ‘speed networking’ chat rooms so the participants can interact with each other.

4. Decreased travel expenses.

One more advantage of hybrid and online events is the reduced transportation costs for the audience, especially those who choose to attend virtually. They do not have to travel to the event’s venue anymore.

We Can Help You

If you are new to hybrid events and want more information on how they can help your business, you can contact us at Waveplay Interactive. We are the leading interactive event provider in the Philippines.

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