Essential Things to Consider for Technical SEO
Essential Things to Consider for Technical SEO
Optimizing your website to raise its chances of getting to the top of the search results and enhancing its online presence is a vital factor in raising sales and awareness about your website. Getting your SEO strategies straight can help take your website to become the top few in a billion results.

Technical Search Engine Optimization includes all the basic aspects of SEO plus some more. It makes your website crawlable, user-friendly, functional, visible online, and everything in-between that enances your search rankings and organic traffic. So, here are some of the essential factors for technical SEO that you should incorporate into your site to optimize it for the best results.

Important Factors to Consider for Technical SEO

Several aspects of your website come under technical SEO, some of which include mobile optimization, load speed, and site architecture. If you want to give a fresh kick to your SEO strategies, performing a comprehensive site audit is the best way to analyze and learn where your website lacks in terms of boosting search rankings.

Take a look at some of the essential technical SEO factors you need on your website optimization strategy list.


Encrypting your website is an essential part of the services offered by any SEO company India, as it makes your site more secure and reliable. Using Secure Sockets Layer or SSL on your site adds a protective shield that prevents possible hackers from stealing the info of your site visitors.

SSL creates a secure environment by creating a safety layer between the web server and the browser. You can check whether your website is secure by checking the beginning of the URL for HTTP://or HTTPS:// that ensures security. It also increases your website search rankings and trust factor.

Check for Crawl Errors

Google bots crawl your website to analyze it for search rankings and other factors. If your website has a crawl error, the bots cannot rank your site and content. Using Google Search Console can help you determine whether your site has a crawling issue.

The Coverage report in the search console will show you errors, warnings, excluded, and valid pages on your site. You can fix errors and optimize your site and URL architecture, create an XML sitemap, and add breadcrumb menus to enhance the crawl ability on your site.

Take Out Duplicate Content

Your site should be free of duplicates of your site or content. Google should see only one version of your site, even if there are multiple ones. All the other versions should be indexed to your main site. You can check it by typing in different versions of your site into the search bar.

You can fix duplicate versions by setting up 301 redirects to your main URL version. Using canonical tags, choosing your preferred domain and parameters in Google console can also fix duplicates. An SEO company Dwarka will provide and drive you in the right direction regarding duplicate content.

Boost Website Speed

Google prefers to show websites with high load speeds and raises their rankings in search results. If your site loads slow, you will have a higher bounce rate as your visitors will leave without even checking out the awesome content.

To boost your site speed, use the latest plugins that enhance security and custom-made themes. You can compress the size of your files and images to make your site load faster. If you use async code, servers will process HTML and script at the same time. It will boost the load time of your website.

Use Structured Data

If you use structured data, it will provide more information about your website that highlights your organic listings and boosts your SERPs. You can use schema markup to organize and structure data on your website.

Google offers a structured data testing tool that you can use to determine whether you have a structured site. Structured data enhances overall organic traffic, grows impressions, and boosts click-through rates. Google wants you to use simple URL structures which help it crawl pages smoothly. You can use short and descriptive URLs to make them crawlable.

Update Core Metrics

Enhancing page experience using Google’s Core Web Vitals that come with First Input Delay (FID), the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) can boost your search rankings. Combining Core Web Vitals with safe browsing, HTTPS security, mobile-friendliness, and intrusive guidelines enhances user experience and site credibility.

Algonetix can help you implement core metrics efficiently with their expertise and technology. Their technical SEO services will increase the ranking, visibility, and conversion rates of your website.

Incorporating technical SEO into your website optimization strategies can boost organic search rankings and raise the worth of your website. It also helps with your content and matches it with relevant searches.

Enhancing technical SEO factors on your website is the best way to achieve high rankings and conversions. And for doing so, you can consult a professional SEO company Delhi with immense expertise in technical SEO.

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