Digital Marketing Seminar
Digital Marketing Seminar
The extended Version is a global consulting firm that provides the best consultancy and dealership services to help you grow your business at Worldwide.

SMM Seminar: How to start earning with Social Media Marketing Services.

Learn how to earn handsome income, as an SMM Expert, & start your success journey by offering Social Media Marketing Services.

"You don’t have to be unskilled & fail”

● SMM/ Components of SMM/ Strategies of getting high paying clients/ Guide to successful journey

● We can help you to WIN THE GAME!

● Learn how to "Invest in yourself" and escape poverty.

● We give you solutions and ideas how you can leverage your clients business.

● Learn how to start offering SMM services without having a portfolio!

● Success is predictable, but failure is also predictable.

● Learn how to succeed and how not to fail.

● Learn why people fail in the digital marketing industry.

We will also happy to answer any questions you might have about our services.

This seminar is for you if you want to learn how you can earn with a single skill or if you already have skill, you can enhance to find new clients.

Call or text 0348-4801107 for any queries:

The cost is Rs.350/- to attend; You can Bank Transfer/ Jazz cash


Date: 8 th October 4 PM - 6 PM

Media Contact:

Address: 13-D Commercial, Valencia, Lahore, 54784 Phone: 0348-4801107