What is the Revenue model of localbitcoins clone?
What is the Revenue model of localbitcoins clone?
CryptoApe develops the best LocalBitcoins clone script by understanding the present crypto market scenario. We are providing you with an enhanced trading platform and ensuring you get a good return on your investment.

In a marketplace, LocalBitcoins is a leading bitcoin exchange platform that facilitates the buying and selling of bitcoins. This Localbitcoins platform also provides security for buyers, with a variety of payment options available. Additionally, it facilitates the trading of fiat or local currencies over the counter (OTC).


A p2p crypto exchange platform like LocalBitcoins clone script has all the features and working models of LocalBitcoins Exchange. LocalBitcoins Clone Script can help entrepreneurs and traders to create their own bitcoin exchange platform as like LocalBitcoins.


Benefit of choosing Localbitcoins p2p exchange as follows:


       One of the fastest ways to trade bitcoins with people in the current market,

       Enhances the service stability for safer trading between buyer and seller.

       Can generate minimum transfer fees and it is applicable in all countries.

       Able to have more than 300 types of payment options.


Though the Localbitcoins clone script has plenty of advantages to run a p2p trading platform seamlessly. Still, many entrepreneurs doubt generating revenue through it. Here are the following revenue generating schemes for getting high ROI by choosing CryptoApe Localbitcoins clone script today:


       Trade Commission Fees

       Withdraw Commission Fees

       User Rating Fees

       Ads Calculation in Both Side

       Temp Status

       Max and Min Check


When you launch your own Localbitcoins clone script in the market, these revenue schemes will help you to get high ROI quickly. Do you have an idea for a platform that allows you to trade Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies like LocalBitcoins? Then, CryptoApe’s Localbitcoins clone script is the right choice for you.


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