Launch A Feature-Enriched Bitpay Clone In A Shortest Possible Time
Launch A Feature-Enriched Bitpay Clone In A Shortest Possible Time
Develop & Launch An Enhanced Bitpay Clone With Salient Features

Bitpay is a well-known bitcoin payment gateway, which facilitates the users to process payment transactions hassle-free. Mimicking it in the terms of feature and functionality, Bitpay Clone would also ease the process of quick transactions of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others.


The one who has an aspiration to launch a crypto payment gateway ought to consider a ready-made Bitpay Clone as it can be deployed within the shortest possible time. 


Features Of A Bitpay Like Crypto Payment Gateway


Just like Bitpay, Bitpay Clone is packed with notable features, defining the typical functionality of a crypto payment gateway. Here are the features to be included.

  • Quick conversion

Bitpay like crypto payment gateway supports the conversion of Fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies. And, undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies can be converted into Fiat currencies without any hassles. 

  • Multi-lingual support

When planning for a wider reach by making your crypto payment gateway available for the global audience, the integration of multi-lingual is mandatory. This will enable the users to change the platform as they wish.

  • Instant transactions

The online crypto transactions made in this Crypto payment gateway like bitpay will be smoother and quicker with utmost security. 

  • Wallet Integration

A wallet is a space where users can store their cryptocurrencies. And, these can be transacted when needed. 

  • Multi-Currency support

Despite the multi-lingual support, the integration of multi-currency will make your platform widely available for a global user base. This supports transactions of different currencies, including various cryptocurrencies as well as altcoins. 


Ending thoughts


Cryptocurrency-based transactions are widely preferable because of prominent reasons like decentralization, low costs, anonymity, transparency, and cross-border transfer. Knowing the prominence of crypto payment gateway like Bitpay, it is a great opportunity for you to launch a well-featured Bitpay Clone now.