How is the BEP20 Token Point Out as the most preferable Token Standard For ICO?
How is the BEP20 Token Point Out  as the most preferable Token Standard For ICO?
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Nowadays, crypto based crowdfunding is gaining most attention among the cryptopreneurs and crypto startups because it helped cryptopreneurs to raise their capital quickly & effectively. As a cryptopreneur you must be aware of the crowdfunding strategies like ICO and IEO. ICO is the most prominent one to raise funds for business by launching its own crypto token. There are three different kinds of crypto tokens: Utility, commodity and security based tokens these tokens are built on the blockchain ecosystem.


There are various blockchain platforms that have their own tokens such as Ethereum , Tron and Binance Smart Chain. Now the Binance blockcahin is the most popular and trending one in the crypto space.


How To Create a BEP20 Token?


BEP20 Token is the Binance Smart Chain based token Standards that is equivalent to the most popular ERC20 specification for  tokens on the ethereum blockchain. 


The difference is the BEP20 Token does not run on the ethereum blockchain. because it implements the ETH Virtual Machine For all of their smart contracts. 


  • Adding BSC Tesnet To Your MetaMask Wallet

  • Adding Test BNB To Your Wallet

  • Coding The Token

  • Deploying The Token


If you are a blockchain developer and tech expert, you can create easily with google support.

If you are not a tech expert, search the internet to create BEP20 Token for free. In these cases, you miss some important features. so, how can I handle and create feature rich BEP20 Tokens?


doubtlessly the best way for creating proper BEP20 Tokens with all advanced features is by connecting with the best BEP20 Token Development Company. There are a lot of token development companies in the market. you just analyse and search the google "Token Development Company" To make the process simple. I analysed and found a Prominent Token Development Company Called Security Tokenizer that offers BEP20 Token Development Services with advanced web3 features based on your business needs.


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