From Coffee to cricket- What's new in the NFT space?
From Coffee to cricket- What's new in the NFT space?
The power of NFTs has surely blown one's mind. From Tacos to toilet papers, everything has the potential to become an NFT.

So if you are thinking of what's brewing in the NFT space, it's Coffee. Yes! You read that right. And, it does not stop with that. How about some gaming after Coffee? 

Let's look at what's cooking in the NFT space.  

More about NFTs and Coffee

Starbucks, the most famous coffeehouse, is to make its debut in Web 3.0. As a part of its Investment Day Events, the company has announced its entry into Web 3.0 with Coffee themed NFTs that are not merely collectibles but would provide the owners with exclusive perks and content. The NFT collectibles are said to be an extension of customer loyalty. 

The initiative is said to alter the relationship that Starbucks has with its customers. From writing the name of the customers on the cups to now stepping into NFTs, Starbucks has always found a way to build its relationship with customers. 

More in the NFT space 

Now that we have had our dose of Coffee, it's time for some game.

Post the launch of the World's first play to earn cricket NFTs, Jump. trade, a one-of-a-kind NFT gaming marketplace, is back with the much-awaited 'Meta Cricket League.' With an immersive gaming experience and exciting rewards, the game has already won the heart of the gamers. Players can earn up to $500 by playing the game. 

Jump. trade enables the users to own two kinds of NFTs- The meta cricket league NFTs and the Meta cricket league bat NFTs. People can buy and sell these NFTs on the marketplace. NFT holders can take part in the MCL tournaments and win exciting rewards.