Binance Clone Script | Launch a cryptocurrency exchange with a feature-enriched
Binance Clone Script | Launch a cryptocurrency exchange with a feature-enriched
Binance Clone Script | Premium Features To Be Considered

Binance Clone Script is capable of encompassing additional features based on the varying requirements in order to make the crypto exchange platform distinguishable. Here are the premium features of it. Have a look at it.


Biometric identification


The integration of a biometric feature will make the crypto trading platform more secure, ensuring only the concerned person can log in to the account. Also, it saves the time of manually entering the login password and avoids mistyping.


Chat facility


The chat facility will enable the users (buyers and sellers) to interact with each other. Further, this will make the trading process more efficient and crystal clear for them to communicate. 


Live trade charts


The users can look at the live trade charts available on the platform as this will allow them to make a better decisions.


Session timeout 


It is the most crucial feature to be considered during Binance clone app development. In this, when the page is being ideal for a long time, the session will be timed out and the users have to login again with their valid credentials.


Referral bonus


The traders having their accounts in the Binance Clone can refer others. For every successful referral, they would receive some benefits. 


Multiple language support


The multiple language support ensures that the users can use the crypto exchange platform in the language of their choice.


Multiple currency support


The Binance Clone supports the exchange of different types of altcoins, including Bitcoin. This would probably be the predominant reason for traders to choose this type of platform for trading.


These are some of the premium features in the Binance Clone Script. Apart from these, the inclusion of additional features can be made to make the platform more seamless to function.