Trends That Dominate the Gojek Clone Industry
Trends That Dominate the Gojek Clone Industry
Gojek Clone is a multi-services platform for Taxi, Delivery, And Marketplace Businesses That Drives Growth And Attract Global Customers.

Multiple services can be provided to the users in a single swipe. The wide use of smartphones and internet access make more people move towards online platforms for booking services and purchasing products.


In this blog, we are going to discuss the trends and the features that will help to outreach multiple services through a single application. Trioangle develops applications that will satisfy the below-given trends which will provide various services through a single application.


Trends That Dominate the Gojek Clone Industry:




Personalization includes settings for drivers, users, delivery partners, service providers, and the admin to edit their own profile information, location of arrival, and can book directly from the mobile application, and the delivery partners or drivers can switch their availability.


Show the Availability of Service providers:


The customer has the option to enter the location in which they need the services through the application. Then by using the application the search for services can be useful to book services or order products. 


The drivers or service providers have the option to accept or decline the booking of services or delivery of products. The user will be notified in the application if the service is not available in case there is no availability of service providers.


Live Tracking:


The customers can track the service providers or drivers lively once the booking of service or after the ordering of the product. This option helps the user to know the current status of the vehicle like the area from where the service providers are coming and the estimated time will be displayed on the screen. This helps to assist the driver to reach their locations without any confusion.


Booking History:


This option helps the user and driver to check the booking history and the service bookings through the application. This makes the user and driver check the transactions done by the customer as a whole or else for a particular booking and know the history of the previous bookings.


Easy Payment:


The application helps the user to pay easily and securely, the user has multiple choices to pay for their trips by using a credit card and PayPal or can pay through cash on delivery. As the customers can pay as per their wish and availability, this will make the users feel highly comfortable.

Features That Backups to Make the Gojek Clone Trendy:


Schedule Bookings:


The Gojek clone enables the customers to book the services or order products instantly or else book the service or order products in advance using the scheduling option. This will help the service providers to reach the customer's location without any delay. In case of an instant booking, the nearby delivery partner will pick up orders or come to pick up the users. 




The ridesharing option enables the user to socialize with different kinds of people. This option not only helps in ridesharing but also reduces the fare of the rides as the total bill will be split equally based on the number of people sharing the rise.


Effective Admin Panel:


The Gojek clone provides the admin panel with top-notch features and functionalities. Using the admin panel, the admin can manage all the services and the delivery of the products. This option helps the admin to check the status of the revenue generated through the application also by tracking the services.

Travel Time Estimation:


This option enables the user to calculate the time period that will be taken for reaching the customer's place. The estimated time gets changed in case of a change of road or unexpected traffic on road. 


Alerting notifications:


The notification alerts help to make the customers aware of the discounts and the current status of the service providers. The notifications will be in the form of SMS and E-mails to the customers and the drivers. The notification also shows the bills and asks for a review after the service is completed. This makes the user know the current status immediately.


In a Nutshell,


People are waiting for a single app to perform multiple activities, and it is the correct time to purchase an app like Gojek clone which will provide the users with multiple services through a single application. 


We came to know about the trends and features of the Gojek clone through this application. Trioangle meets all the trends and features and trends as discussed in the blog. To know about us contact us through






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