Suitable Batteries for FrSky X9D 2019 Transmitter Part-2
Suitable Batteries for FrSky X9D 2019 Transmitter Part-2
This is going to be the 2nd Part of the Recommended Battery Series for FrSky Transmitter X9D Plus Transmitter.

This isgoing to be the 2nd Part of the Recommended Battery Series for FrSky TransmitterX9D Plus Transmitter. Don’t get confused with the title that FrSky X9D2019 requires different batteries than x9d plus as you might think there aresome changes in the battery compartment of it. But that is not the case. infact, the battery compartment of X9d 2019 is exactly the same as of old TaranisX9d Plus.


However,there is a special reason why this article is focused on Taranis X9D Plus 2019rather than focusing on X9d plus in general. It is because X9D 2019 onlysupports operating voltage between 6.5v to 8.4v, which is basically a 2S lipoor Li-Ion. But, the older x9d plus (SE also) supports a wide range of operatingvoltage between 6 to 15V which means it can support even a 3s Lipo or Li-ion.


FrSkyTaranis X9D 2019 has also some other difference with older Taranis X9D when itcomes to battery and charging. Older Taranis X9D plus has a Ni-Mh batterycharging circuit that allows you to charge the stock battery with a chargerthat comes with it. Please note that the charging circuit is specifically for 6cell Ni-Mh batteries and do not try to charge any other batteries like Li-Po orLi-ion in it. It is recommended to use the FrSky Ni-Mh with the charger if youare planning to charge the battery without actually removing the battery fromthe radio.


When itcomes to X9D Plus, it only supports 2S batteries, and you might think aboutusing the Ni-Mh battery with it. Of course, you can the Ni-MH battery in it.But don’t think to charge the battery using the transmitter, DON’T DO IT!!!FrSky X9D 2019 transmitter has a 2S lithium battery charging circuit in it thatsupports the charging through Mini USB Cable.


That isspecifically made for lithium batteries and above all, only for 2S batteries.Hence don’t charge the stock Ni-Mh battery using the supported USB charging incase you are going to use that battery in the New X9D 2019.  


Henceyou can use the batteries that will fit in the Taranis X9D compartment for theFrSky X9D 2019 as well. In the last article, we have discussed FrSky Ni-MH2000Mah battery, which is actually a good one. I still have a 4-year-old ofthat battery with me and it still performs well. So let's get our nextcandidate.


3000mAh2s X9D Li-Po


Checkout this 3000mAh 2s Li-Po battery that you can find in amazon and Banggood is agreat upgrade for the stock Ni-Mh 2000mah 7.2v battery. In Fact, this batteryis specifically designed for FrSky X9D 2019 and other X9D radios as well.


Whencomparing it with stock Ni-Mh 2000mAh battery, this battery is 3000Mah 2 cellLi-Po. According to the theory, this battery should give you a 50% increasedperformance in battery life. But that is the only case if it got 3000mAh.However, this battery might disappoint you on that.


Afterrunning some tests to confirms the capacity, this battery is proved to be onlyaround 2500mAh even though advertised as 3000mAh. Maybe the manufacturer isoverstated it to attract buyers? Anyway, 2500mAh is still a good upgradecompared to the 2000mAh battery.


Usually,the capacity of Li-Po batteries is understated by the manufactures tocompensate for any loss that might happen if they are stated as true which willbasically give a good performance. So technically speaking, if you have a1500mAh Lipo battery, the true capacity will be more than 1500mAh. It isusually around 50mAh extra for a 1500mAh Battery, So the battery will have anactual capacity of 1550mAh or 1600mAh.


Speakingof which, I thought this battery might be around 3100mAh or more, But I amdisappointed in that point. Well, I am not disappointed with this battery, ifthat was the case then this battery won't has listed here. 2500mAh will giveyou a much better backup time than the stock battery.


You canget around 6 hours of backup time with the stock Ni-Mh battery. With this3000mAh battery, you can get around 10 hours of backup time which is indeed aworthy upgrade. When comes to the pricing, you will see it is pretty cheap. Youcan grab one from banggood or amazon for 15$ which is almost the same as ofstock Ni-Mh battery.




How toCharge:

When itcomes to charging, it is pretty easy and you don’t even need to take thebattery out of it. How cool is that? FrSky X9D 2019 supports USB charging for2S lithium-ion and polymer batteries. If the balance cable of the battery isplugged into the transmitter for powering it, you are all ready to go. Pluggingthe mini USB cable will charge it and you can use flawlessly.

If youare using it with the old Taranis X9D plus, then you will need to use a Balancecharger for it. You can buy a JST to XT60 connector and charge it with thecharger that you use to charge your regular Li-Po’s or Li-ion’s.



We havebriefly discussed one of the popular but cheap alternative replacement batteryfor FrSky X9D. Well, it is not branded, but it will do the job. Hope thisarticle has helped some to know about this replacement battery available forTaranis radio. In the next article, we will come up with another candidate.Stay Tuned!