How do I build a strong team to open a start-up company?
How do I build a strong team to open a start-up company?
How do I build a strong team to open a start-up company?

How is a secondary question is what team members you need to complete a results-oriented team?
Therefore, these team members vary depending on the industry of your business.
Since today most startups are related to this web industry, I recommend
1. A leader: who makes sure that all team members enjoy working in the office without restrictions. Always remember that the leader who could be the founder of the company must always be great. A person joins a company in its early days not because of the idea but because of the leader. If you have leadership skills somewhere, people will not hesitate to join the company, because everyone in a startup has to put their career on the line.
2. Developer: The website today is the most important part of any business, so it is an experienced developer who could work around the clock to deliver a website.
3. Designer: It is difficult to find a designer who possesses creativity and hardcore design skills. But if you find one then you should be grateful as it would take care of the website cms or custom website design and social media posts.
4. Content writer:a responsible and wise content writer is all you need. Be it social media, blog, website content, email systems and business reports. If you've managed to land a good content writer, feel like you've climbed most of the initial stairs.
5. Marketing / sales executive : marketing executive, who in addition to doing marketing strategies should be able to sell something. Someone who can sell your company's product. The sales manager or sales executive has a very important responsibility in the company.
6. Digital Marketer: He is the one who will strive to get to the first or second page of search results from google and other search engines. Always hire and experience one.

Now the most important step is hiring .
1. No matter how late it is, never hire the wrong people. Unless your heart says that he / she is the right person, don't make the final decision.
2. We have also made mistakes in recruiting people, so in case your hired candidate doesn't seem productive, take some time, inform them, and ask them to leave or decide what can be done.
3. Buy plans on some job portals and start taking interviews. I have purchased plans from three different job portals to date, but have not hired a single sales executive for those interviews. Reason: I have learned from experiences.
4. Do not prefer to hire refereed candidates or people from family or friends. When it comes to hiring, be professional, not emotional.
PS: Once you get your desired team, forget the word team, work like a family.