Choose the right gaming accessories to make the most of your gaming experience
Choose the right gaming accessories to make the most of your gaming experience
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There are two types of games: die-hard gamers and non-gamers. Die hard gamers are people who use a particular game for so many years that they can’t imagine a life without it. They may even have multiple copies of the same game on their shelves. Non-gamers are people who don’t play games (unless they happen to like one).

There is a huge market of people playing games. But here’s the problem: only a tiny percentage of them are using the proper accessories. The rest are using things that aren’t even effective at all — or worse, things that make the game worse.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the gaming business, making and selling high quality gaming accessories for over 20 years. We know what works, what is worth its weight in gold, and what will do more damage than good when used incorrectly or too often.

Our products range from bumper stickers for your car, to computer keyboards and controllers, to mousepads and wristbands with unique designs that show your commitment to gaming at a promotional price. Our products include keychains and buttons, mouse pads and wristbands, mouse mats and wristrests with mousepads (that move!), mouse stands with or without wheels (for those who don’t like table-top mice), laser pointers – but we can also make you an original custom item!

Our goal is to make gaming accessories affordable so everyone has access to quality products at low prices – regardless of whether they love Power Tools video games or not! If you want something like a custom-made gamer headband that says “GOD” on it (or anything else you can think up) – go ahead! We guarantee it will look amazing!

The best gaming accessories for PC gamers.

We all like PC gaming. It’s a seductive market with a wide variety of options, and the best accessories for your gaming needs. In this post we’ll look at the best gaming peripherals for 2018 that are guaranteed to help you get the most out of your games.

When it comes to buying a new set of PC peripherals, we should start by looking at what type of game you are playing. There is no point in spending more money on a mouse if you are playing World of Warcraft or Diablo III, so do some research before you buy and see what types of games require specific types of accessories. For example, if you want to play Call of Duty or Battlefield, investing in a mouse with an optical sensor will help with accuracy and movement speed. On the other hand, if you want to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), an ergonomic keyboard will be required in order to reach your full potential.

Next let's take a look at the cheapest and best mice for each type of game (and note what games these two mice are most suited for). We'll also go over which keyboards offer the best bang for buck as well as which headsets offer support for multiple devices including mice and keyboards. We'll consider people who have small wrists/hands but still want/need support as well as people who have huge wrists/hands but don't need anything (such as gamers).

We hope this helpful guide helps readers decide which gaming accessories they need and saves them money! At TechRaptor we sacrifice everything to make our readers happy!

The best gaming accessories for console gamers.

There are many different components that go into the buying a gaming console. The graphics card, the CPU, the motherboard, the memory, and so on. These are all important aspects of the console; but there is one component that doesn’t get enough attention — and that is the headphones.

The reason we hardly mention them is because they can often be an afterthought to other components. They don’t need to be anything fancy (unless you want “fancy”) or show-offy (unless you want a “show-offy” look), just decent enough to listen to sound content without having your ears bleed.

But there is one kind of headphone that can make all the difference: for audiophiles that want something with great fidelity and high quality bass response in their headphones, there are some headsets available which go under a similar name as “headphones” but do not fall under this category. They tend to be marketed towards PC gamers who prefer PC gaming headsets over audio/mic peripherals or even regular computer speakers.

I consider myself an audiophile who likes gaming on consoles more than PC; I have played many games on various platforms, mostly PS4 and Xbox One, though recently I got back into playing games on my Wii U. I use a handful of wireless headphones from Logitech G3 series which are excellent for gaming (and even my MP3 player). Those for PS4 and Xbox One tend to be aimed at people who want high fidelity audio rather than those who want something cheap enough for casual gaming like me.

These days I am considering upgrading my set due to its age; but let me also note two things about headphones:

1.) These devices tend to be very sensitive and will break down if you do not give them ample care or continue using them after they become damaged or worn out. It is best to buy a decent set at least once in their lifetime (or when your budget allows it) so you don’t have any issues later on down the line. 2.) If you are serious about listening to music in your headphones, then try playing around with some new earbuds while watching movies or TV shows – try getting surround sound effects out of your TV! :)

The best gaming accessories for mobile gamers.

Mobile gaming has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the last few years. The growth and success of mobile gaming has been driven by a number of key factors:

1. Features (e.g. mini-games, social features)

2. Accessibility (e.g. low cost devices)

3. Content (e.g., free or premium games)

4. Popularity in terms of users (e.g., Instagram/Twitter and games based on free-to-play model)

5. Products with high quality, durability, and ergonomic design – "Made for mobile" brand name is synonymous with solid performance in terms of hardware and software quality

The best gaming accessories for hardcore gamers.

This is an attempt to list the best gaming accessories, and explore what makes them so good. For the sake of brevity, we’ll only cover a handful of the most popular types.

1) Mouse Pad – A mouse pad is something that sits between your mouse and your desktop. The shape, size, and material all play a role in how well it works. The idea here is that you aren’t just slapping a surface on your desk to get some more space to play with — you’re actually using it as a platform for any number of things:

a) To facilitate movement (and thus accuracy)

b) To make sure your mouse doesn’t slip when you are moving around

c) To enhance (or even provide visual feedback from) key elements of gameplay

d) To provide extra padding so that you don’t have to worry about any glancing blows

e) To create friction so that the mouse movements won’t feel like they are happening too fast or too slow

f) To simply improve your life by making typing/mouse control easier and more comfortable. If you are buying a mouse pad for someone else, be sure to consider:

a) Whether they need it as an accessory or whether they already have one on their desk (even if it is just in their hand). Seriously consider this before buying one for yourself!

b) How often they use their computer (there will be times when they will need extra support). For example: if they go out to play video games during the day, then there may not be enough time for them to use a separate surface every single day. Or if they do lots of video editing at work during the day, for example, then there may not be appropriate surface protection available at work. Many people prefer using Camera Accessories an office product with minimal amount of visual clutter around them (for example: “I prefer my keyboard/mouse combo with minimal distractions from other stuff on my desk than I do without it).

c) What kind of gamer typically uses their monitor? Is it primarily FPS players? Is it primarily MMO players? Is it primarily RTS players? Are these types gamers who spend lots of time playing solo or do these gamers like playing with others?

2) Mouse Pad – A mouse pad is something that sits between your mouse and your desktop. The shape, size, and material all play a role in how well

The best gaming accessories for casual gamers.

Why are the best gaming accessories on this list? Because they’re advertised as being great for gaming, and they work well. They’re also marketed in a way that caters to the interests of casual gamers.

Some gaming accessories are better than others, but many don’t do what they say on the tin — or worse, do what you want them to do. In fact, if you want a gamer to be happy with his or her setup, then you need to work a little bit harder than most other industries.

That’s why we made this list: because we think that the very best gaming accessories for casual gamers should not be overpriced or overhyped — and should be easy enough for anyone to use.

We felt like even some of the more obvious “best” products were still missing from our list (Razer Mamba speakers and Logitech G9x headsets), so we took a look at some of the lesser-known products that are top-rated by just about every review site out there. We then ranked them based on ease of use (they had to perform above average), value (they have to offer advanced features at low prices), quality (they have to last during extended play) and design (they have to have interesting shapes).


The result is the best gaming accessories for casual gamers. They deserve an honorable mention because they aren’t quite as good as they could be (or even as good as your joints will allow), but they are still fantastic products that can make major improvements in your gaming setup.