Time management Program: It makes you more productive- Shiv Khera
Time management Program: It makes you more productive- Shiv Khera
We all receive the same number of 24-hours everyday, so why do some people seem to use their time more efficiently than others? Time management is the solution.

Do you ever feel that the day is too short?


We all receive the same number of 24-hours everyday, so why do some people seem to use their time more efficiently than others? Time management is the solution.


The practice of managing and planning how to split your time between various tasks is known as time management. If you execute it correctly, you'll find that you work more efficiently and effectively to complete more tasks in less time, even under time constraints and heavy pressure. The most successful people have great time management skills. You may start utilising Shiv Khera's time-management programme right now to maximise your own performance.  Time management program increases productivity and motivates you to produce your best work possible, which will help you accomplish your goals much more quickly.

Why is the Time Management Program beneficial for students?

Making your day meaningful is the key to effective time management for students (and everyone else). It involves taking charge of your time and making it as productive, focused, and, most importantly, balanced as possible.  Students must understand why a time management programme is vital before we provide them a list of time management advice.


We all need to make the most of the limited moments we have each day. It is quite simple to lose focus under a rush of completing tasks and produce less. Students who properly manage their time grow in self-assurance, discipline, and learning ability.

Benefits of Time Management Program

  • One becomes punctual and disciplined once they manage their time well. Time management program teaches one to work when it is truly necessary. To efficiently spend their time, people should create a "TASK PLAN" or "TO DO" list at the start of the day, listing tasks that need to be completed that day according to their significance and priority in relation to the designated time slots for each task. People get a sense of direction or what to do at work thanks to this program. When a person is aware of how his day will progress, he or she may become more productive.

  • Time management program leads to a person becoming more organised. Reduce the amount of time spent needlessly looking for documents, vital files, folders, stationery, and other objects by keeping things where they belong. People maintain their workstations, study rooms, cubicles, and meeting spaces clean and organised to improve time management. Time management helps people develop good management skills.

  • Effective time management raises a person's confidence and spirits. People that use time management complete projects inside the given time range, which makes them well-liked in their workplace and by their coworkers. The people who are able to stand out from the crowd are those who recognise the importance of time. People who complete their tasks on time are admired by others and are the centre of attention everywhere.

  • The individuals who stick to a schedule accomplish their aims and objectives in the minimum amount of time. Effective time management enables staff to complete tasks precisely when needed and fulfil targets far ahead of deadlines.

  • A person who uses a Time management program succeeds quickly and maintains their position at the top for a longer period of time. A worker who only works to be paid never makes an impact and is never taken seriously at work. The ability to manage one's time well is essential for improving productivity.

  • Better time management facilitates better planning, which leads to more accurate forecasts. People get the ability to effectively manage their lives and understand where they are in five years.

  • According to research, those who complete things on time are less likely to experience stress and worry. Never forget that there is no need in wasting time and complaining later. You'll have plenty of time for your friends, family, and relatives if you finish off any unfinished tasks on time.

  • One may prioritise jobs and activities at work by using time management. To continue being overloaded is foolish. Just refuse to accept anything that comes your way.

About Shiv Khera Time management Program

MR. SHIV KHERA is a well-known author, educator, business consultant, and public speaker. He motivates as well as inspires others so that they can reach their full potential. He has delivered his powerful personal messages from the United States to Singapore. He quoted Time management is only a name given to life management, as life does not have a rewind button.” The Shiv Khera Time Management Program will help you to grow and make the most of your day. It will teach you how to complete your tasks or jobs on time in addition to the little things that you do throughout your day. This program has already helped many people who struggled in managing their time and were not able to live peacefully by completing their jobs on time.