Why Do We Need To Clean Carpets?
Why Do We Need To Clean Carpets?
dirty carpets can become the cause of serious diseases. clean carpets makes environment health friendly.

Clean carpets are the demand of everyone. Carpets are the most used surface. They are mostly used in house, office and parties like weddings or any type of function. Due to this we divide carpets in two categories which are domestic and commercial carpets.


As we mentioned before, carpets are the most used surface. Due to over use of carpets they accumulate different types of dirty material which can become the cause of serious diseases. In this article we will discuss some key points why you need to clean carpets and how to control carpets diseases. 

Carpets Disease

Some people laugh when we want to tell them about carpet disease but this is a serious matter which everyone needs to know. As you know, a clean environment is better for your health. Clean and fresh environment is the first demand of our body.  Here we will mention carpet diseases. 

Breathing Issues

When pollutants like pet hair, dust and dirt are trapped in the carpet surface. They can become the cause of serious health issues like coughing or breathing. These dust particles can become the cause of asthma. To get rid of these Particles you need to keep your carpets clean. 


When a child or adult lies on the carpet surface these mould, dust particles and pet hairs start accumulating on their body which cause allergies.  You need to remove these dust mites and make your carpet eco-friendly. 

Fragile/Weak Immune System

Human body has a strong immune system. Human body has the ability to fight against allergens but when the ratio of dust particles increases it loses the ability to fight against them. This is because the immune system begins to weaken and it loses its ability to fight disease.

Stomach Disease

Wet carpets contain mycotoxins that cause gastrointestinal illness. If your carpets are wet then there are plenty of chances of mycotoxins which can put you and your children at serious health risk. 

How To  Clean Dirty Carpets?

Carpet cleaning has become nowadays as many cleaning companies are working and they are using different techniques which can decrease your carpets life. These techniques do not completely remove allergens and other dust particles from the carpet.


According to the Squeaky clean team carpets are divided into two categories which are domestic and commercial carpets. 

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Domestic carpets are mostly made of natural fibres which have soft and silky surfaces, so cleaning is different from commercial carpets.  It can be cleaned in the following way.

Hot Water extraction Technique

Hot water extraction is a deep cleaning process which removes all types of dust particles and allergens fully. This is very helpful to get rid of carpet diseases.

Steam Cleaning Technique

Steam cleaning technique is used in both domestic and commercial carpets. This is considered an ideal cleaning method because by steam you can remove every type of allergen and dust particles. 


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpets are mostly made of nylon fibres. These carpets have a very thick surface. These types of carpets can be cleaned by following ways. 


  1. Dry Powder Cleaning

Dry powder cleaning is also known as the “host cleaning” process. Natural cleaning products are mixed with water to clean pesky stains. In this process you can remove bad aroma and allergens easily.

  1. Encapsulation Cleaning Technique

This technique is also known as enfolding technique. In this technique carpets are vacuumed first. A rotary agitation machine used in this technique to clean carpets.

  1. Bonnet Cleaning

This technique is famous for the “dry cleaning” process. In this technique low moisture is used to clean commercial carpets. 



Overall we discuss some carpet diseases and how to get rid of these diseases. Thanks to the squeaky clean team who makes carpet cleaning easy. So, use these techniques to make your carpet appearance new and remove these pesky diseases.